What was your last purchase?



It’s nice, I guess.


You will wear it once. Maybe twice just to prove me wrong.


perfect for a Job Interview in June :slight_smile:


Haha! obviously purchased as a joke :joy:

@franz I plan on wearing it for my 2 upcoming Christmas nights out and obviously Christmas day, the shirts £12 so I think that’s good value for money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@MrOchoa 100% successful following the interview just for wearing this in June


Bought a new PC case to build my new rig in, was planning to use the old case. But after coming home from a lan party today I noticed two half deep scratches in the glass side of the PC. Not being able to stand the thought of putting my new RTX 2080, i7-9700k and z390 MB into damaged goods.


It sure is beautiful, but I’m telling you this thing is going rip my pockets.


Got the same rig, you will love it


Yeah just waiting on the case to be delivered tomorrow, but had to find another case. The one I choose originally was to compact, there would be less then 1mm between the front radiator and GPU. That’s not optimal for airflow, so I had to cancel my order and find something else.


Got an atx mid-tower myself, more than enough space for airflow :+1:

Ps: what kind of monitor do you have? Would be a shame to game in 1080p with that rig


As of now I got an AOC 144mhz with G-sync monitor, that said it’s sadly 1080p. I do plan to upgrade to a higher resolution later on, or at the least use a higher super sampling in single player games. But for R6 Siege 1080p is an easy way to secure high fps.

I’m a bit on the fence about buying a monitor with out G-sync, like Free-sync and so on. G-sync monitors don’t come cheap, especially on higher resolutions.


1440p is pretty much the sweet spot for gaming

They are definitely not cheap, but i do really recommend G-sync. Bought myself a 27" 1440p monitor with 165hz refresh rate and g-sync along with the new pc. Don’t ever wanna downgrade, gaming really is heavenly now.

I’m running Hitman 2 at max settings with around 110 fps, which doesn’t reach my monitor’s refresh rate, but g-sync makes it as smooth as a hot girl’s ass.


What monitor did you buy? I’ll look into it, might be worthy a buy in 2019.


I bought the Asus ROG Swift PG278QR, which is around 600 euro.

I got the tn version (IPS version is 200 euro extra) because i value the lower response time (1ms) over better colors with slightly slower response time (4ms). Plus the fact that a lot of ips panels for this monitor suffer from blacklight etc.

Allthough if you are mostly into rpg’s then the extra money for a ips panel might be worth it. Then again if you mostly play rpg’s you should just get a 4k monitor really.

Meanwhile the colors of the tn version are suprisingly good. Not as vibrant as IPS ofcourse, but still really good for a tn panel.


I would go with the TN as well, alone because of the 1ms response time, especially when I mainly play competitive FPS like Siege. I think I’ll begin to put money aside and I’ll be able to buy it early 2019, with a good conscience. Might be able to get a decent buck for my current G-sync monitor.


I’ve had mine for roughly two years and nothing’s been ripped so I think you’ll be good :+1:

Great pic btw.


Quality ain’t it mate! :joy: it won’t rip your pockets ! I always take mine out with me


I’ve had this one too, made by the same people so the quality is just as good


What are you? Some kind of Pokemon gear wearing secret agent? :wink:

As for me…

It was SO hard to find this. In fact, in the end, I just bought it from the eShop.

The Philippines is kind of like Diablo country, the game was out-of-stock within a day or so and it became very hard to find a physical copy.

This was the insanity on launch day…

Yes… Online sales are everything… in the rest of the world. In the Philippines? It’s still 1999! We’re all lining up outside stores along with cosplayers who want to show their love for their favorite franchises.


Wear it with fitted white trousers, brown shoes, and those retro style Ferris Bueller sunglasses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, I’ve just realised that just casually posting about lockpicks without any explanation may be a bit weird.

Lets see, I got a toaster oven! Finally!

Some gloves that work on touchscreens

and a new heated blanket to replace my old broken one

I also got this band for my fitbit, because spikes are fun :3 but I think it maybe won’t work when I workout…so I haven’t been wearing it. I should honestly just try it out.


These ovens are what keep you alive when the rest of your house decides to break.