What was your last purchase?



So I wore the shirt then I bumped in to 47 himself


Ahhh finally a face.
I always envy the people that can get a clean shave. I shaved my head 3 times and there is visible sign of where my hair is even if I’m always razor shave cut 0 since 2007


Have a barbour do it with a straight razor.


That’s what I did. Still have a white tan from the rest of the face.


Hahahaha. Oh well then! I guess to avoid that you’d have to do it yourself every other day or have unlimited Euros so you could pay to do it every other day.


Naaah. I’m good doing it once in a while like one or two times a year.


Yeah aha I look a bit worse for wear! Slightly hungover today, he was the bouncer on one of the pubs we went in, apparently someone had already said he looks like Hitman.

I’ve always wanted to shave my head completely but it’s a funny shape at the back :joy:


My mom bought me these two nice sweaters!

These are the best things I’ve received all my life- fit perfect, very warm, bought at 70% off sale(imao) and the black one is resembles 47’s turtleneck sweater from the tutorial! :blush: Now all I need are some military/tactical pants and tactical gear suit will be complete :smiley: :smiley: (I’ll ask my mom to buy a similar one with a turtleneck from the same place cause this one lacks that )


Papers, Please



Bought a new Lightsaber from Saberforge.

The only changed I made to the Lightsaber was a different colour, instead of Deep Red blade, I choose Blood Orange. But I look forward to getting it home.


not MY last Purchase, but my MrsOchoa pre-ordered the Resident Evil 2 Remake as my Christmasgift :heart:


I have that exact same one! Mine has the bronze stingray grip and the blood red LED. I also have 2 from Vader’s vault. I like the VV ones better but the SF single colour LEDs can’t be beat.


Nice, this is going to be my third Lightsaber. The first one I got was a Force FX Replica of Darth Vader, my second was from a Bellicose from Ultrasabers with a blue blade.

I prefer Saberforge, their sabers seems to be more in-universe compared to Ultrasabers. I find Ultrasabers options to be too streamlined, simplistic and borring. The same can be said about Vader’s Vault, except some of their more expensive sabers, like Kylo Ren’s Cross Guard and other special editions.


I’d encourage you to try a VV at some point. Especially now that they have that blade that extends and comes down slowly and can still be bashed into other blades lol. I don’t have one of those yet… but VV sound is top notch. I’d say next time you feel the need to blow that kind of money on a toy, try them out. If I may suggest… the dark ardent is my fav. I put a gold button in it jsur for contrast and then specifically made the button light a different colour from the blade.

Let me know how you like the orange from SF though. I’m sure it’s killer, but have only ever seen their blue and deep red and white


I just ordered this for my coworker who’s a Johnny Walker fan. I buy him a bottle for his birthday every year and every time a different one.
Don’t know if he will like the taste, I read some reviews that this one is not so good. But it is a gift and a limited edition.
I’m buying it now but his birthday is in April. By the way, I made the order while drinking a Johnny Walker mixed with red bull right now. Cheers.


Why is it not called “Johnnie White Walker”? Such a missed opportunity.


New windshield wipers for the car.


A box of four varieties of Maynard’s port (white, pink, ruby and 10-year) from Aldi. Reduced from £34.99 to £14.99. Very nice it is too.

My next purchase is probably going to be milk. Trouble is it’s 1st January.


Ordered since October 2018, my lunchbag of Appli Monsters finally arrived!

Also got other things from Ebay but gonna show them until arrive. Practically my last set of online purchases before Mexican Pesos lose more value.


Tekken 7 yesterday on ps4 sale. Haven’t played it yet as juggling hitman, Spider-Man and tomb raider already.