What was your last purchase?


My last purchase was the Hitman Beanie, I love it!


Welcome to the club. me and @MrOchoa also have one. Post some pictures on the gallery.
I will this days.


Awesome! Lol and I don’t think this rabbit is ready to pull himself out of the hat just yet…
(A bit shy :slight_smile:)


tbh i had three of them until now - i kept losing them everywhere :grin::cry:


Damn haha well I bet those three people were happy to find them (if they knew about Hitman I should say :sweat_smile:) but I actually bought 2 myself right away. One for wearing and the other to add to my collection for show :smile: Yeah I’m a geek


Probably the most redneck thing I’ve bought in a while but I couldn’t resist the names


The 47’s favourite coffee. I love coffee with strong taste and I bet AK one is stronger then a simple gun. I’m joking. Let me know if it’s a good coffee :rofl:


It’s certainly a DAMN GOOD COFFEE like Agent Cooper would say…:wink:


Apart from other games that were on sale this holiday season, I just bought myself the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy for 3DS. It’s finally on sale in the eshop.

My first introduction to the series and its mechanics was in the Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover game. I found the characters memorable and the cases fun, but the use of unexplainable magic to contradict and solve was a bit difficult for me. Hopefully these original, normal, “real” cases to solve are a bit easier. Plus this is 3 games in one so that’s cool.


Whiskey and red bull! Surely not ? :joy:


My coworker looks bad at me when I tell him I like it only with redbull or cola. He’s a real whiskey enthusiasm.
He told me how you should drink it, that after every sip you don’t feel it as good as the first sip and you need to eat dark chocolate and other things like that to truly enjoy it.


Depending on what whiskey it is, neat with 1 cube of ice, I’m not a big whiskey drinker but I like monkey shoulder. Jack Daniels etc is really good with cola! Couldn’t imagine it with red bull though lol I may have to try your theory


I like it more with redbull or Burn Energy drink. I normally put inside 2 cubes of ice if the other drink I’m using is not cold enough.


Energy drinks and whiskey? That’s the first lol never tried that myself but I don’t know if I’d want to haha

Have you ever tried JD with 7-up or Dr. Pepper? I know Coca-Cola and JD is very popular but I prefer it with Dr. Pepper. It tastes a lot better in my own personal opinion.


A pizza with extra cheese


I’m new to drinking. I have a coworker who tough me everything at work and as a sign of respect and appreciation I make him a gift for every birthday a bottle of Johnnie Walker, every time a different bottle.
Last year I bought a simple one from the store, but then in England at the airport there was a Johnnie Walker stand with plenty of choices. So I bought a superior bottle from there.

Having left at home the one bought in a local store I said to myself “Let’s try it with something”. At first I didn’t liked it much but I enjoyed the small dizziness and after trying again and again I ended up liking it while playing games and watching movies.

The other brad I tried in a disco for my birthday was Wild Turkey and that one was very good.


Whiskey Gingerale is my go-to at the moment.


Would love to drink with some of you.


Where you from? :thinking:


born an bred.
20 characters in my head.