What was your last purchase?


Ahhhh that’s pretty far away. But I would like to visit NY one day. You never know we might have a drink.
This year I met with 2 members from here in Germany.


Ah yes, Wild Turkey 101? That stuff is potent but very good! I got it a while back when I realized it was the same drink Frank Castle drank in the move “The Punisher” if you ever saw that movie lol never had it till then so I picked up a bottle of it and WOW. Very strong!

@YacobT whiskey and ginger ale is also very tasty!


Keep hope alive!
20 characters is more than five!


You do never know! I met with a formum member in Tbilisi a couple years ago.


Just bought this Nokia Steel Hr. Hybrid Smartwatch

I’m going to buy both Black and Brown Leather Straps for the watch for when i’m going out. I was really torn about buying this or the Garmin Hybrid Smartwatch that @badeaguard owns, I was able to find a demo model of this to a reduced price and I prefer that this doesn’t have green clock arms. Also it holds batter for 25 days.


25 days battery :open_mouth: the one I have holds it for a week max. I was looking over this model for sometime before buying the one I have now. Make a review about how you feel it about it after a while.


Actually 45 if you only use the activity tracker + regular watch. But 25 for normal use.


Bought on steam Kane & Lynch 1. I played the story only once many years ago and I remembered that I liked it a lot. I also played the second one on ps3 again just once to see the story.
I remember about it that it was really short.

Saving the game to play next month on my new pc. For now it’s in my library.



Despite clunky gameplay Kane and Lynch:Dead Men is still one of my favorite shooters because of its story and characters.
As much as I like Hitman,I wish IO would take a break and do something different before HITMAN 3,maybe another shooter like K&L-it had a unique tone I didn’t see in other shooters


I also remember I liked the swears a lot, especially the ones from Lynch :smile:
Indeed it was a wonderful game and I would really love to see a sequel. Not huge maps like in Hitman nowdays, but something very similar to Absolution.


i didnt enjoyed one second of K&L Gameplaywise, but the Characters and the chemistry between them is just great!


My wallet is hurting but my heart is singing. Thanks to some modest savings and monetary Christmas gifts from sympathetic relatives, I was able to buy a new bass guitar today to replace the one I lost in a fire last month.

There was no question I was going to get another Stingray. They’re the best basses in the Universe and I feel so happy and comfortable playing them.


For Christmas, I got my friend a full (human) size official (read: expensive) Kingdom Hearts replica keyblade.
She loved it. Which is good because it was too expensive for her not to have loved it.
It has three modes, attack, defence, and key. You can level up if you use attack a lot. It lights up, and it has a projector in it.


I bought myself a tascam dr-05 for recording concert audio. I captured an entire St Vincent show on my phone last year to surprisingly good results, so now I want to get better quality.


Awesome video movie from Brazzers


That’s any cosplayer fan of the franchise a dream come true.


She’s not a cosplayer but she is a major collector. She’s got a Kingdom Hearts room in her house.
Though she had to move things around a lot to fit it in there, since it’s so much larger than any other collectable she owns. It came with a stand, too, so she decided not to hang it up so that she could use the stand.


Bought Resident Evil 2 for PC, Greenmangaming.com had a nice VIP sale on the game, I enjoyed the demo and knew I would buy the game. So might as well buy it while I can save 26% on the game.

So while i’m hyping myself up for RE2, I also bought…

I know I know…they ain’t technically good movies, but they are my guilty pleasure.


$30 all Mexican Sunday brunch. They had the standard omelette guy, waffle girl, and pasta dude, but they also had a burrito guy that made burritos and tacos to order right in front of you. +the unlimited champagne wasn’t the usual cheap stuff. It was Moët


Coolest Mr. Croc lover of good music has finally arrived!

Rewatching Sonic X reminded me that Vector is such a loveable big guy. Soft heart under thick skin.