What was your last purchase?


Take it through neoplasty and you’ll be able to brag your 2 new purchases at once: new mug and new cell


Or, hear me out, everyone wants that?


My man ! :wink: pics available at request


Can you believe I didn’t buy nothing this month? But the next one, next one is going to take almost 2 salaries.
Reason why I’m saving away.
Oh no wait… I bought the HD Hitman pack.


Yes, but it was an excellent purchase.

pls gib


Never mind! I just bought thermal paste for my pc.

A thing I learned overnight that is very important to any PC/laptop. My ultrabook runs very hot just by browsing the web. It has 7 years.
I want to experiment in putting on and changing the thermal paste with this current pc before I will do the same on my next computer.

This is the one I bought. Something cheap and good as I read the reviews. But the next one will be something far more superior.


I’ve never bought one of these little toys before, but I saw we had Jason at work so I had to.


Where do you work?

Is it a toy store?


A Shoppers Drug Mart, there’s a bunch of random things including a lineup of these kinds of toys. Most of them aren’t as fun as that imo lol


Went for this in the end! Can’t be a good comic read, plus it’s all the series released last year in 1! £11 including postage was a bargain too


Don’t encourage it, they will only want to make more of the comic!


Oh in that case…I might just…buy…it…as well.

It might in reality be for the collection, more then wanting to read it again.


That is like when Star Wars fans tried to justify watching Episode 3 despite 1 and 2 being terrible: “I have to see it to cap off the trilogy, it just feels wrong leaving it unfinished” now we have three prequels all of which suck.


oi the prequels are good


? What? Can you lend me your reality hopping device so I can visit this reality where the prequels are good and where the sand is soft and smooth and does not get everywhere?


Naah, they are not that bad. They aren’t great, well especially not Attack of the Clones, but Revenge is a pretty decent film in it’s own right. But let’s not sidetrack here, I can discuss Star Wars until Hell freezes over and warms up again

If you want to discuss Star Wars, we do have a Star Wars thread.


ok maybe not so much 1 and 2 but 3 is top 3 star wars


3 is only marginally better. It is like eating two shit sandwiches and then eating a mayonnaise sandwich.


Are you saying that mayonnaise is only marginally better then poo? In that case a turd sandwich wouldn’t be the biggest deal breaker.


Well mayo is at least edible and sanitary. Shit is not sanitary.