What was your last purchase?


Well i’ll enjoy myself all shapes of Star Wars (Holiday special not you) while i chew on a turd sandwich.

Tell that to Nasa and the space program :wink: anyway we don’t have a turd discussion thread, but we do have one for Star Wars.


I don’t really wanna discuss Star Wars. I am not really a massive fan.


Haha I bought every single one as well! Cost me a fortune


I started to run outside on snow with -12 temperature. My nose is burning from inside and also my throat.
Talking with a coworker he introduced me to special winter masks for sky or outdoor winter activities.

This should fix my problem.


My new flipflops. Got just today


planning my one year wedding anniversary. We leave Feb 2nd. Bali and Singapore. We usually fly for free (I work for an aeroline) but we bought first class tickets from Bali to Singapore on KLM Asia. Super excited!!


Being British of course I have a tendency to avoid Bourbon as it’s inferior. Joke, joke, I just don’t really like the style :grinning:. That stated, Penderyn whisky is made near Cardiff and IIRC they claim to have been responsible for a fair amount of development of the Bourbon styles on the other side of the pond. Their “standard” single malt is very nice whisky.

A Japanese whisky, Suntory “The Chita” is a single grain offering and is stellar, got a bottle on the go right now.

Be careful with airport whiskies, there’s rubbish there masquerading as premium stuff.


Sounds amazing, take some photos for the gallery :grin:.


Tekken 7 season pass 2, maining Lei and Anna. Getting my was kicked in ranked because I’m a massive noob but who cares.


So I just spent 90$CAD (68$USD) on this beauty today. (That’s 50$USD on the poster and 18$USD for shipping).

It’s a cool, unique Spider-Verse poster made by an artist and officially licensed by Marvel/Sony. It’s… yeah… a lot of money for a poster. But, uh… hey! I’m a big fan of the movie, and this is a limited sale of this poster (it ends tonight at Midnight ET) so I thought: why not? It would look cool to hang up, post up, stick up; whatever.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I don’t usually capitalize on those.

Yeah, it's glow-in-the-dark, too.

And here's a *gorgeous* and more vibrant variant, but they only sold 250 copies of it


That is pretty cool how the image changes in the dark, I know it’s not ground-breaking but I like it.


I just bought this and I’m glad I did it now because it’s going to take some time to arrive.
It’s an adapter for a new SSD I want to buy for my new laptop.
The SSD I’m going to buy is going to be a Samsung Evo 960 1TB

Can’t wait to share the other thing I’m buying in 10 days.

The other purchase for today were thermal pads for the SSD. I want to achieve the best out of the best for my new laptop and wondering around in different forums this seems like a very good option.

Never mind, I couldn’t wait. I just bought the SSD.


Me and my gf bought ourselves a spa vaction in Dalarna, Sweden. Its up north, Ive never been there and Ive never went skiing so im excited about that
I turn 23 today so its kind of a celebration we are traveling there 2 weeks from now :smile:

Edit: @badeaguard @BLACKPANTHER_UK thank you so much, it’s much appreciated :heart: :heart:


i just pre-ordered Mortal Kombat 11 despite i dont think my Main Mileena will make it into the Base Roster. If thats the Case i think i will Main Baraka and Scorpion.


They refunded me the money for the SSD because it was no longer available.
Looking around I came across a new version of this SSD were reviews says it performs even better and it’s cheaper.

Ordered the plus version at 30€ less.


Happy Birthday Man! Enjoy your vacation.


That looks lovely! I leave for my holiday tomorrow. 2 weeks no phone (= but that also means no HMF )= I’ll post pics when I return. Have a great time!


Happy birthday mate.


I went a bit mad with my last paycheck :grin:



I’m guessing you don’t have bills to pay? :rofl: