What was your last purchase?


Oh for sure, but I don’t have kids, don’t smoke, almost never drink and just generally don’t have a bunch of outgoings, and am in a good place right now. Don’t get me wrong, couldn’t afford to drop a chunk like that every month, but thought I’d indulge a little on this one :blush:


Indulge you did, enjoy :grinning:.


Same here. I pay 250€ a month to my mom for rent even if I stay at home just 2 months a year (at work I have a staff room) and that’s pretty much all my expenses besides diesel in my car.
How’s the vr? I’m planning to buy one for my best friend’s birthday.


I’m getting it set up tomorrow and spending the day with it. I’ll get back to you with first thoughts.


Last thing I purchased was a chocolate milkshake from Macca’s. Surprised that this time it actually tasted like chocolate.


I just bought this because why not!
But I did had the intention to buy it in the future so I thought I might as well buy it now. It’s not surround system, it works with jack so I can even plug in on the remote of the PS4. I wanted something comfortable with a nice audio and some reviews says this one is good.
My plan is that with this will help better my immersion with the pc gaming, especially on my nostalgia trip with Hitman where I plan to play a nice marathon on the pc I’ll get.

It’s going to be me in a dark room, with my headphones on and some RedBull whiskey trying to get back a little that feel I had when I was a kid playing Codename 47.



Road tax, insurance, breakdown cover?


That is once a year. Plus tier change, oil change and so on.


Oh you pay it yearly, most people pay it monthly.


There is an option to that here too. It’s something quite new.
Before you had 2 options. Pay it yearly or every 6 months. I chose every 6 months for reasons.
In fact next month I had to renew it :sweat_smile:


Insurance yearly, tax every 6 months, breakdown cover monthly. Work pays travel expenses and I pad the shit out of it.



First impressions of the PSVR are good! Blew through several hours in a flash. I kept hearing “you need to try it to get it” and now I see why. :+1:


I picked up Alan Moore’s From Hell today, been interested in this since high school I just haven’t read a comic in ages. Can’t wait to get into it.


Looks good, let us know what you think of it :blush:


No colour at all? Not even for the blood? I need my blood red :joy:.


Oh boy, you’re in for a ride. I read it during my first year at uni and it left me in depressed haze for weeks. But it’s damn good, great choice :+1:


I bought a couple of books from a local charity shop. I sometimes pop in there to get books for my daughter as I always read to her in bed before she goes to sleep. I found Frankie Boyle’s autobiography “My shit life so far”. Only 99p and i got my daughter Alladin which was free as they are BOGOF. Felt like I got a right bargain, I like his stand up so im sure his book will be funny. I’m sure he’s not for everyone as he pushes boundaries and can be very offensive but I enjoy him.


Just got the three “Sector” boxed sets by Rush. Fantastic sound, real effort gone into the remastering of the ones I’ve played so far. Just listening to “Losing It” from “Signals”. Beautiful. Have to get the rest of the family out of the house, though, to get the volume up to the required level of 11 as they don’t always appreciate music as it should be played. What tune to pick for that one, though . . .


I’m in the same boat mate and don’t blame you one bit! everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while! what’s the VR like?


I’m loving it mate, trying to find time for it now between work, sleep, and Hitman :joy:. Think I said “This is fucking sick!” outloud to myself on several occasions while playing haha.