What was your last purchase?


Hahaha! my mate’s got one keeps saying I need to go round to play Ace Combat on it, not sure it wouldn’t make me sick as a dog though :joy:

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Give it a go mate! I wish I’d done it sooner. Not a massive array of good games for it, but I’m happy with just a few considering how fun it is. I’m playing a tactical FPS on it, Firewall Zero Hour. Stood in the middle of the living room, jumping up and down to psyche myself up and stay nimble before each round :joy: It tracks the head of course so you can physically lean around corners to shoot, or just point the gun controller around one to literally blindfire. So yeah, felt like I’d had a workout after a few rounds :joy:

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:joy::joy::joy: The shooter sounds awesome, just mentioned it to him he hasn’t got the gun but has been considering it, ill have to sway him to get it! I actually thought of that, all that movement must burn some significant calories, maybe I can cancel my gym membership and just buy the VR pack :rofl:

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Yeah I reckon so. Next session I’m gonna wear some gym kit and have a towel nearby :joy:

Edit: the gun controller was expensive! They must have made only a hundred of the things because it was hard to find one brand new for anything like the price it should have been.



Good thinking! I’ll have a scout about see what I can find, got a few on Amazon but there from the states, about £75 including import charges!

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I got it from here: Firewall Zero Hour and Aim Controller (PS4) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CJGRTZ6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HsBwCbS67FAK8

I actually bought the game digitally, so am gonna sell the copy that came with it to get some of the cost back.



Bought two newCrosair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz DDR4 Ram

Been wanting to go from 16 GB to 32 GB for a some years now and now finally where the RAM price almost back to normal I decided it was time to buy two extra ram sticks.

Also bought a Mini Switch for smaller lan parties, so I don’t have to borrow from friends.



It’s here :heart_eyes: Now just a couple of days left for the laptop to buy



With the ‘Lunar New Year’ sale going on with Steam, and having requested a $20 Steam gift card from a coworker back in December… I got the Expansion Pass for $5.19. :sunglasses:



Be careful with that SSD USB adapter, I’ve had countless times where those adapters don’t work with NVME SSD’s because they rely on PCI-E.



Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my latest purchase.
Razer Blade 15 GTX 1060 with a 144hz display.
I know the 1070 is more powerful and will make run games at Ultra but I had to make a tough decision in here.
I took the 1060 version over the 1070 because reviews says it heats a lot less, has a longer battery life and a more elevate life longevity.
Coming from a console I want to give the PC gaming a shot and I might invest in an external GPU in the near future (probably an RTX 2080 card). But for now I want something powerful but not incredibly powerful, that has an amazing display and can play every game out there. Not to mention a decent battery life, people with this model says they can achieve 7-9 hours of battery life doing non intensive tasks.
Coming from a Samsung 2012 ultrabook which it still works fine today, it’s going to be one huge upgrade.
The product is coming from the UK because they do no sell it in Italy. I chose the UK keyboard layout because I write a lot more in English than in Italian or Romanian, but some tweaks to the keyboard will be made to add these essential letters for the Italian typing (è é à ù ì).



Nice! That’s one of the laptops I’d been looking at as a replacement for my busted one. Let us know what you think of it after some use :blush:



There are a lot of reviews out there. I followed the most on Reddit and asked a lot of question.
1070 version has 20-30% more power but it heats in some parts at a point were you burn your fingers.
The version I got, gtx 1060 with 144hz display heats way less, noticeable less fan noise as well and it consumes less power. Apparently you can’t play modern games on Ultra setting but most of them do work fine at High settings.
Not a thing for me since I will be playing for the most a lot of old games from my childhood. Hitman, Max Payne, Age of Empires, Stronghold, Call of Duty MW3, Kane&Lynch and others.

If see that I’m starting to develop some passion I will invest in an external GPU.




Awesome, another person away from the lock down walled garden of consoles!

You should get a mechanical keyboard and (gaming) mouse.
Serious game changers.

I recommend the following, albeit they are probably expensive as hell. They are totally worth it since I use them everyday.



I have the razer gaming mouse since 2012 and the mouse pad. Works like the first day I got it. About the keyboard I don’t need it at the moment.
I will still play console how ever :stuck_out_tongue:




My most recent big ticket item would be my Evo VIII.

It’s been my dream car since I saw the World Rally Championship in 2004-5 when it was still in Australia.
I was super lucky my father took me one year with my cousin & uncle.
NGL Tokyo Drift also played a part in me wanting this specific car

In the picture above, my mate / work colleague has the WRC Rival Subaru STI from around the same era. So we have a bit of a rivalry going on at the moment.

It took a solid year of saving everything I had, and insuring it was a bitch and such a nightmare, because it’s classed from most of the insurers as an “import” type vehicle despite my car literally being an Australian Domestic Market delivered car and not imported from Japan like most Evo’s are.

I ended up having to insure it with an enthusiast car insurer, and it costs a fortune, but I know that if I have a problem I’ll be looked after, unlike most of the other dodgy and otherwise scumbag insurers.

The story of how I bought the car / who I bought it from is probably one of my best life stories.

Turns out the person’s dad who was selling the car races in the Targa Quit Rally, he came second last year and plans to race again this year (hopefully he wins, he deserves it) His car is fully built making 400+ hp. He’s very much a massive inspiration and incredibly knowledgeable about engineering 4G63’s.

Below are some pictures of his friends car he is building at the moment.

Some pictures of me smiling out of my mind because of how happy I was in that moment.

Here is a picture of his Evo IX, during a stage of Targa West where there is a bit of a speed bump and he just jumped over it haha.

Here’s some other pictures of my car.

Next to an Evo VII where the owner has committed the cardinal sin of taking the rear wing off.



Go for it. You love it and want it, then get it.
But problem with these cars is not buying them, but maintaining them. Then again it depends how much you use it.



So here’s a review after 2 days of constantly using the Blade 15.

Beautiful build. I just love it! Sometimes I just like to grab the laptop in my hands and observe it.
By all the laptops out there, I must say for me personally it’s the best looking of them all. Simple and elegant.
But there are some small problems with it.

First of all let’s talk about heat.
Every review out there says the 1060 144hz version is the one that heats compared with the more advanced Blades and at the same time makes less noise.
I don’t know how much heat the other ones produces but this one is pretty hot and if the other superior models heats even more, then wtf?
It get’s pretty hot but as this laptop is advertise the keyboard really remains cool. I’m typing from it right now while I’m downloading from steam Hitman Absolution. Palm rest is warm. Not hot, but noticeably warm and I have open only 2 things: Chrome and Steam (downloading game).
I can’t really say that it bothers me, but I think in summer it could become frustrating.
But when you’re just web browsing everything is cool besides a little bit of warm on the bottom of the laptop.

Fan noise
Almost doesn’t exist. I haven’t tried gaming much because I’m trying to learn Windows 10 doing all these tweaks and turning off things that I don’t need. But during these tasks and even while downloading, updating windows\software, I rarely heard the fans. And if I did it was nothing distracting.
Actually the fans are not even spinning. Not once did it turned on while web browsing or downloading from torrent and steam. But when they do the noise is something quite normal like in every other laptop I think. So far I haven’t experienced a loud fan noise when they started to spin. Sound is something moderate I would say.
Strange enough, the power brick doesn’t get that hot. It’s warm but not hot enough as it’s the computer.
Power brick is pretty big comparing it with other models that now tend to have this small box. It has a square shape that makes it look very beautiful. But I would say it’s quite big. Big as my hand opened from the palm to the fingers (15.5 cm long).

The display is an orgasm to my eyes. I never used a 144hz display. Now that I am I have to say it’s a wonderful experience. I’m getting exited just how it looks for scrolling down conversations on facebook.
I downloaded Batman v Superman in UHD and looked at some scenes. I don’t know if the display adds much to it, but the movie looked amazing. I also downloaded Hitman season 1 Demo and see how a modern game is on this thing and again I was amazed by the display graphics.
I don’t know how to explain this but there is a huge difference from the console tv when moving the screen to this laptop’s display. Everything is so… So smooth.

when I show my coworkers my new laptop one of the first thing I show them is the lightning on the keyboard. I never had something like this and it’s cool to see all these lights how they move in a wave mode or in a fire sequence mode.
The only 2 problems I have with it is getting used with the UK layout (I live in Italy) and the biggest one is getting used with the right shift\arrow right in the middle.
Even now while I’m typing I’m making all these mistakes and keep touching the up arrow when I actually want to press shift. The problem here stands in a mix of the shift bar being too short and the up key arrow being right there next to the shift key. Sooner or later I’ll get used to it.

Battery life
I don’t know. Windows gives an estimate but you can’t really trust that. I turned off the logo and the key lighting and that seems to help. I manage to get tonight 6 hours by only websurfing, downloading from torrent, steam and updates, option battery set to “Better Battery Life” with brightness set to 95 using the 144hz option.
You can choose to use on battery mode just 60hz out of 144hz to take the best advantage of the battery life. But I really want to enjoy the refresh rate.
There is a problem with the back light. You have this software where you control the lights and you have a profile when the laptop is on the battery only. Well I have disabled the light, but once I close the lid and open it back, this light will turn on by itself even if it’s disabled in this software. And eve when you go check it will show that the light is disabled (I have the option to just turn off the display when I close the lid).
It charges pretty fast to 100%. I plugged it in an hour ago with the battery level at 26% and now it’s at 94% while I was on chrome and downloading Avengers Infinity War in UHD.



That keyboard is “far out man”



I just bought Kane & Lynch 2 on steam. It’s 99 cents right now.
Next purchase will Max Payne 3 as soon as it drops.