What was your last purchase?


Lancer all day, I almost bought one about 6 months ago, but they sell like hot cakes here in the US. I had my eye on one about 150mi from me, but it sold before I could go check it out.

I ended up opting for more of a luxury car in the end


Max Payne 3 is fantastic, definitely get that when you can.


I had it on console. Only played it thru the story once. I’m going to buy all Max Paynes of course.


Oneplus 6.

Just bought a Oneplus 6, wasn’t planing to buy a new phone for a few years to come. Since I bought my Oneplus 5t less then a year ago, however fated happened and my girlfriends phone drowned. She asked if I would mind selling my “old” phone to her and then buy a newer myself. I don’t mind and I can afford it.


Do you like the OnePlus? It’s Chinese-made, right? I’m looking for a pixel alternative that runs Android, and this seems like a front runner


One of the best phones I ever had, so many cool features. It improves on the android formular, plus the phones are very powerful to a cheaper price. Which means they don’t come will all the extra things like Samsung and iphone phones comes with, a like headset. It’s more basic, but the phone itself and the improvement to the operating system is better, also build quality is good.


Is it Android, or it’s own software (based on Android). Also, do they update at a reasonable rate?


It’s Android, but improved upon.


Hmm, I may root it anyway. Thx for the info!


I bought the entire world


You’re a terrible owner


Hehehe just recently bought a PS Vita off ebay. Should be arriving next week.
It’s a 2000-Slim, from the pictures it looks to be in good condition, comes with the console, charging cord and an 8GB memory card. 180$ (price+shipping).

This one should arrive, unlike the one I bought last year for a too-good-to-be-true price… Yeah shame me. A 100$ Vita bidding war. Free Shipping, I think, Only had the placeholder photos of the box and console. Of course it was fake but I had to take the chance and bid on it (ended up getting it for 120$). A month later, no shipping details, no communication from the seller, so I contacted Ebay and they gave me all my money back. Flashforward 6 months and we arrive here with a legit-looking, well priced buy considering the average prices:content ratio they’re going for these days.)

EDIT: Oh, and yes, I’ve already planned to play Persona 4 Golden (since I bought/own it in anticipation of my previous [unsuccessful] vita purchase :sweat:). So shut up already.


I play Hitman (2) on PC and have gotten spoiled by using a controller. I usually play with a Logitech F310, but I keep having a recurring problem… The left trigger will act like it’s being depressed. I will open it up and… well… (I won’t bother rambling about that process). Anyway, it will then work as it should. But that only lasts so long before it happens again. I really like the analog stick (PS3) layout.

So, I’ve ordered 2 controllers…

EasySMX PC Game Controller and a ZD-C Wired Gaming Controller.

I do have another PS3 styled controller made by ‘GameSir’, but the analog sticks are too sensitive. And another Xbox controller, but it’s bright green and smaller. It might look cool, but some movements (like placing an item) feel awkward.

I was using the smaller Xbox controller but I really have to stop and think for a second when I’m going to choose a weapon or drop an item - all because the analog stick and D-Pad are switched.


Yea man, I have the new games on PS4 and the trilogy on Xbox360. I HATE when I change over to the old games bc of the controller. I hope the new controller arrives soon and that you like it.


Bought the second short story novel in the Witcher series, I’m still reading the fist one. I’m absolutely In love with the Witcher universe after playing Witcher 3, what impresses me the most is how well the CD Project Red was able to bring Andrzej Sapkowski work over to another medium. After playing the game and then begning to read the books feels very natural. I have high hopes for the Netflix TV-show coming this year.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, sadly I despise Andrzej Sapkowski and his way of handeling his relationship with CD Project Red. But non the less, he’s also one of my favorit writers.


It has arrived!

PS Vita 2000 model, charger cord, 8GB memory card

Quality of it seems pretty decent. Minor scratches on the back touchpad, a few in the corner of the front screen and some dust in the bottom left+right strap holders, but apart from that, it works just fine.
If you have any recommendations on what to get now that I have it, that would be appreciated… (Hitman GO?)
Persona 4 will have to wait a bit though, this week is busy in terms of school work.




Released a week today!


Uplay had 50% off on gold edition, plus I had a 20% off coupon. A gold edtion for 39.99 eur isn’t a bad deal, also had great fun with Origins.


There is also RedBull to add