What was your last purchase?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: got a date my man?


No I’m pretty sure the store was just out of water balloons and he had to find an alternative.


The Scotch is for me while playing games. The chocolate is for my female coworkers who I promise I would buy some for them on salary day and that other thing for you know. Just in case.
I’m bought the super slim ones which it says it gives a natural feel. Will come maybe with a review as soon as I got the chance to test them.


Please do :joy:


Might happen tomorrow. Not guarantee nothing.


Haha get in there son! Also let me know what the scotch is like :+1:t2:


One thing at the time


Good luck hope so stud!


Hahahaha I can’t wait to read it.


Ok so I don’t know. They are really slim compared with a normal one. It can stretch pretty far and it doesn’t give the impression it can break.
About the feeling it still feels like plastic and quite unnatural. We mixed with another durex lube and I regret it because it dries pretty fast and when it does it becomes really uncomfortable for her and also for you as the friction decreased gradually and quick.
I can’t really say I’m happy with the product and I need to invest more time into it and try in a different day a normal one and then go back again at a super slim feel touch one.
10\10 will try again that’s for sure. But I discovered that I don’t like being strangled (this is another story).

About the lube part, in my experience the best ones are Water Based. They don’t dry fast and it doesn’t come in any strage flavor.
They are sold in 2 cases: for people with allergies and for fleshlights.


Softy. :bear::smirk:


I agree, girl wraps her hands around my throat I’m going off like a rocket.


All of the above posts have me giggling. @badeaguard just use normal ones bro! They all feel similar. It’s never as good as raw doggn’ it, but it keeps you from becoming a papa bear.


Things they don’t teach you in school but goddamn should :joy:


That’s weird man :joy: never got that SDM shit but each to their own haha!

@badeaguard this is hilarious bro I can’t tell whether you’re being 100% serious or not, either way congratulations on the first HMF condom review :clap:


Yeah it’s not for everyone that’s for sure. The girl I’m with right now couldn’t handle any of it really; being lightly tied is about as far as she’ll go. But that’s fine, we still enjoy ourselves.


I want a woman to handle me the way John Wick reloads a gun :joy:


Fast and professionally?


I’m dead serious. Next time if I’m the mood I might review what’s like to have a finger in the ass.
I want to make some health checks such as blood, allergies and intimate parts. Prostate included.
Still need to go to my doctor to set an appointment. This exams will be done then in an hospital or something and I already have in mind as first thing to say “I request a female examiner” because if I really need to take a finger up the ass I much prefer it to be from a woman honestly rather than a man.


Hahaha :joy: can’t be too careful with that sort of thing mate, however the request for a female doctor won’t be reviewed I’ve tried it, I had to settle for a middle aged male, still fun though