What was your last purchase?


Fits perfect next to my Friday the 13th Collection.


Over the past month or so I have bought this stuff.


U gon get wreckt


$60 Pre-Order


$8 Pre-Order


Let me get this straight…Badass…you actually purchased “Crush songs” and “Madden 75” in the same week?

Are you trying to keep a girl or push one away? This is not a diss, just a serious question.

In my case, the “Crush songs” would push me away…


I just like Karen O and I like Madden. Plus I’m sure her songs will mesh well with Madden.




This was my last purchase you guys I made a little unboxing video in case you guys are curious about what’s all in the bag guys


Just got my new SSD home, i choose to buy the Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB.

I did not go for the 250 or 500 GB version, i still think they are way overpriced. But when the price drops and they more or less becomes standart, i will buy a bigger one. But at the moment my current SSD, is going to be for Windows only, and one or two games.

But damn i love the speed. Plus the real reason i bought one was because the window experience index, only gave my PC a 5,9 out of 7,9. But now it’s on a 7,8. So now i can rest for some time, without being provked by the score system.


Tastes exactly what it looks like. Simple and satisfactory. Not that I had big expectations or anything. Too bad it costs too much here in the UK. Would make it my beer of choice if it was more widespread and cheaper.


$2.50 + $5




My 4 year old daughters first PC Game… :princess:

Also bought a game for myself, for once the little terror has gone to bed.





School textbooks are absurdly expensive.


Sony Xperia Z3

I love that it’s waterproof. To begin with i was going for the iPhone 6, but after looking at other options, i decided to go with Xperia Z3. Better hardware, waterproof and i found the design better looking. I just have to get use to the size of it, pretty wired to go from iPhone 4s, to something a lot bigger.


This bad boy


The last thing I bought was this pudding


Actually haven’t bought myself anything new lately but the last memorable purchase were these Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro 2 Slash Signature Humbuckers for my Les paul. They sound amazing!


Recently i bought a watch for myself,…


Got this tshirt for 10 pounds about a week ago. It’s Waylon Jennings on the picture.


You just bought this!? I got it on the release day like A REAL FAN…Nah just kidding.
It’s a good example of how old games should be remastered (except for Blood Money which was just the 2006 version with a new disc art :slight_smile: ).


It’s a good port but the HUD on Blood Money is ridiculously large and ugly.