What was your last purchase?


My last purchase was the Hotline Miami soundtrack on Steam huehue, it’s so fucking good :stuck_out_tongue:


I listen to both soundtracks on spotify whenever i push carts back in at my work. One of favorite soundtracks!
Gets me pumped as fuck!


Got a Switch, pro controller and that new Zelda deal, the lady and I are loving it.


I don’t travel much and when I do I just use my gym bag which is a duffle bag. I needed this one from when I need to take most of my clothes and things with me when I start work and go back home.
The 4 wheel direction don’t know how much useful they are. Like I said. I bought it mostly because I like the design :smiley:


You’ll like the 4 wheel direction trust me. Even just going a short distance is easier


My Displates came in the mail today.


Those are really cool, where did you get them from?


Just search for metal posters on Google, there are tons of sites that sells them.


Ah, i wasn’t aware… That would be the logical thing to do, huh :upside_down_face: Found one I like, thanks!


I got mine from displate.com .


About to buy Mother Russia Bleeds. I heard some good things about it from @Tuppe


If you love Hotline miami, You protably going to like this game too;D


Yeah, that’s where I found the one I posted as well. :smile: Thanks for the response though.


Vodafone (NL) SIM card… turns out either my phone or the area is a P.O.S. regarding coverage :frowning:

So I’m sticking with the UK number for now


Switch. Wildlands, Zelda master edition and preordeRed Crash collection


I found a Blood Money tie on eBay. Sure, it may have some additional light blue stripes, but it’s as close as I’ll ever get.
It’s an Ike Behar, made out of silk and bought it at a measly 15€ (+10 for shipping). Small price to pay for this unique tie.

Needless to say, it will be my tie of choice when I play any HITMAN game in the future.


Treated myself to a new set of glims. They arrive in a few days.


Ah, Ray Ban Wayfarer, imo best sunglasses there is, i had brown frame and green polarized lenses for some years ago, i loved them :smiley:.


@Pissfloyd and all other HMF musicians, I ordered a Boss RC 20XL Loop Station Pedal…I am so friggin excited for this thing I don’t even know where to start. So many cool things can be done with this little beast.


Aaaah yeah loopers are so fun to jam out with. I have the ditto looper from TC electronics but it’s nowhere near as cool as the boss one

Congrats mate