What was your last purchase?


Groceries. Last purchase of significance to this forum was the Nintendo Switch and before that it was Horizon Zero Dawn CE


All purchases are relevant hahaha. I love this thread. Some people put up the littlest things and others post photos of a new instrument, computer, or car. Someday there will be a house photo (if there isn’t already).


Just bought the Witcher 3 Season Pass, which has Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone. I already did almost everything in the base game, so I am looking forward to more stuff to do. Plus Blood and Wine looks amazing.


Funny you mention that…

Just bought my new place earlier today. I love how it looks like the Embassy in Hitman 2 :smiley:

Yeah right! :smile:


Do you need a butler?


I bought some nice Nespresso coffee :smile:


Or a guard who needs to pee every five minutes, I’m available.


Very pretty. I like the balcony.


Haha just to be clear, you guys know I was joking, right? That isn’t my house lmao I wish! :laughing:


I added incontinence on my CV for nothing? Well it’s fine though.


Just ordered Absolution for $16.00 prime off amazon!


Just Bought Wolfenstein The New Order for PC

Time to kill Nazies

I also pre-ordered Rouge One on Blu-ray

I can’t wait to rewatch the Vader scene, i know it’s online for all to see. But i’m not a dirty heathen, i’ll watch it at my parents, mainly because my parents have a SONOS sound system!


Recently got GTA V and Deus Ex Mankind Divided for my holidays :grin:




Great! But it isn’t getting launched in my country :disappointed:


Just bought this soundcard for my PC



H&M had some cheap cloth i needed!

Apparently it’s night cloth for sleeping…naah this is my gaming / relaxing and outside cloth!


Just got my ASUS G752VS Laptop.

It’s a massive 17 inch laptop. Originally 3400 CAD but I got a nice used one for 2300 CAD.

I gotta say, my previous pc had gtx 760 and boy Hitman looks so good in this bitch. I didn’t think Hitman looked this well.

With the same money I could have bought a stronger pc with a 1080 but that’s how it is being an international student I suppose.

The thing is massive and heavy and gets noisy but I’m good with it.


That thing looks sweet dude. I was really considering getting this one months back but decided to just be happy with what I already have. Lol.


I got it aswell and it’s a great game. The problem is I’m getting a lot of frame drops in this game with the gtx 1070.

Do you have any issues like that?