What was your last purchase?


No issues at all, can’t remember og there is a fps lock. The gtx 1070 should be able to run it without any problems.


Just bought this on ebay:


After finishing my first canon Star Wars book i decided to begin read the book trilogy that takes place after Return of the Jedi

Also a tub of good quality Protein


These two ugly motherfu***rs


I got tried of my old Motherboard, since it was a micro-ATX and the PC case was to tight for my tast. So i changed it a bit up with Phanteks Eclipse P400S and MSI B250 KRAIT GAMING.


I recently bought KOTOR 1 on Steam, with the recent sale on all the Star Wars games on Steam. Really like RPGs, really like Star Wars, what could go wrong?

Edit: I bought it on GOG because it doesn’t work on Windows 10.


I just ordered this
The Victorinox suit bag. And next week I’m going to buy a dark grey suit like the one in John Wick 2


So not so long ago i bought a new Motherboard from MSI, but sadly there was something wrong and there was no signal to my monitor. So i had to return it, so instead i went with Asus ROG Strix Z270H Gaming since it was 27% off. My current MB is also from Asus, but not high end and it’s a Mirco-ATX.

Hopefully this one will work!


I’ve been looking to get this one for a while now. Aesthetically, it looks great and it would definitely be better than the one I have now.


New keyboard :smiley:

(New) Poker II

Comparison to my old dirty keyboard :smile:


Summer time is here and I decided I want to go to the beach in style. So I’m searching for a company to make a custom towel with… THE HITMAN LOGO!!!
I want a towel colored dark red with a nice big hitman logo in dark/gold yellow. The logo has to be Embroidered.
Final result should be something like this:


Nananana Batman.


I can finally play games in 1080p on ultra with high FPS! It’s especially good since i was using integrated GPU for the last year


A new scale for my weed… lol


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

I can’t wait to drive into the game, i still have a great time in BF1, but i also needs something else to spice it up with.


I have that game too, but never played it in month🤔 maybe I’ll go try it again, seems like a lot has changed


As a Birthday treat i bought myself a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster


I’ve been in the office since 5:30am, it’s now almost 12 hours, I’ve had nothing to eat, and a vending machine was calling on me, so this is my treat to myself, I’ve got about another 4 hours to go I reckon.


Happy Birthday!!!


Thank you mate, just got home from a dinner at an Italian Restaurant! always good food.