What was your last purchase?


Why are you working 16 hours?


Oh I’m trying to get a project off the ground and also tie down another one for a decommissioning virtually with no aid so I’m doing double shift all week to get things moving!


found this Gem on a Fleamarket :sunglasses:


After almost completing my second Star Wars book in a couple of months i bought the sequel to the first Aftermath book.



Long time since i posted here, but today i had to buy me a new couch 3+2

the old 3 seater broke first one spring and i was sitting in a pit (in lack of better word) and today a second spring broke so i ended almost on the floor :joy: only ca £460 so i hope it’s decent quality, ordered it online, so i think it will be delivered in the end of this week.
I had to take 2 springs from the 2 seater so i didn’t have to sit on the floor, the 2 seater did i throw out the window and it’s sitting on the portch behind the house now:


I didn’t see the Hitman forum reply before right now :flushed: :joy:.


Ordered a new bass rig today. Bought an Ampeg SVT-Pro 7 head with an SVT-410HLF cabinet. It looks like this:

It’s midrange Ampeg, but Midrange Ampeg = better than most others.

RIP my wallet.


:astonished: a bit more expensive than my new 3+2 couch :joy:


Yeah, it’s not a cheap investment! I really need it for my band, though. I bought an expensive new bass guitar last year, now I need a rig to go with it. My current amp is woefully inadequate.


Agree, it’s like home stereo equipment, dosen’t matter how good your amplifier or cd player is if your speakers is bad.


I bought flowers to send in the UK because I’m a stupid delusional fuck.

Next day I have an oil and filter change to my car. And Saturday I’m going to eat sushy with my coworker The Bartender


Sushi you mean with an “i” :nerd_face:I got you. And get the uni!


this demands some context! Badea storytime woohoo


Hahaha, i’m wondering also about who he sent flowers to and why, i hope @badeaguard will share some details with us.


Tomorrow afternoon i will be on my way to check this used 2002 Skoda Fabia out and if it’s okay then i will buy it :smiley:, no rust and he have change many parts.


I bought the car, it has some issues, but nothing that can’t wait until the next EU control in may next year (in Norway, called MOT in UK i think, don’t know what it’s called in other countries).


And you were saying you don’t like changes, eh?



Hahahah, you caught me red handed, but in my own defense, new parts in cars is better than changes to Hitman :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Oh well. Guess I will have to live with that mistake :smiley:

@Pissfloyd @ingrobny nothing much to talk about. I will maybe share on the relationship tread some day

I came across this watch on a facebook page. I love how it looks and it isn’t even that expensive (220 €).
I never wear watches, I find discomfort on heaving them on my wrist. But I like a lot this ones design. It seems to be also waterproof.
Does any one have any experience with this brand “GREYHOURS”?


Don’t know the brand but it would go well with your suit.


This was what i thought it was about, so say no more :wink:.


Looks great @badeaguard, very sleek. That said i don’t know of the brand either, but brand is not everything.