What was your last purchase?


Never heard about this brand before, but like @Mads47 are saying that dosen’t mean that it is a bad brand, you can read more about them here:


My Jeep has exploed it’s last backwoods trail. Sank the front end into what I thought was a puddle. Turned out to be CONSIDERABLY deeper. Pretty much the entire engine was submerged and would have costed far more than it was worth to put her on (or off) the road again. Phone was dead from GPS use so me and my friend had to hoof it to the nearest house to call a wrecker. He was not happy traversing his way to the scene but was laughing about it by the time we got back to civilization. Tried finding another Jeep in my price range but sadly the Jeep market is VERY thin during the summer months. (Who knew? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). So I went back to being a truck guy and just got a little Chevy S-10 on the cheap to tide me ovet for a year or two. She’s a bit rusty even though it’s hidden by the shade in the pic below but runs great and has 4WD - which is almost a law to have where I live. :joy:



Got my new Ampeg rig home. It’s a beaut. Sounds heavenly with my Stingray.

Good times.



I have gotten tired of my noisy watercooler from Corsair and instead chosen to buy a air cooler from Cryorig, since they got the same cooling capabilities and it’s a lot more silent. I chose the Cryorig H5 Ultimate.


looks pretty cool (literally)! too bad cryorig coolers are slightly overpriced here in canada because of shipping


to bad, they are very affordable here in Denmark and not over priced like noctua coolers, also more importantly not butt ugly like noctua coolers. Down the line i might switch the fan out with an RGB fan, if it offers the same cooling performance or better.



Damn good choice.


Just order this mini MP3 player. I need for when I go running.
Tomorrow I’m going to see a house with my mom (rental) so I will keep that nice watch on hold for another bit.


Online shopping continues for me. I just order this last jacket they had on this store. It was on a super discount and I hope the size fits me.


looks clean, let us know how much play you get from that.



What does play mean?



Just got myself a 2nd hand Playstation 2 controller because the PSOne controller I was using finally gave up that repair I did 5 years ago on the left joystick.

I had to get a replacement fast because I can’t be more than 3 days without playing either Contracts or SA old-school style.


Just bought a new leather suite. Pics to follow.


I have bought some new furnitures, a new stereo/TV bench, a new living room table and carpet and a new lamp.

No new couch, because the one i have is cotton and the new was polyester and polyester can be very static, so i cancelled it and have to do with my old cotton 3 seater.


Really nice view. Your couch looks fine as it is imo.


Looks nice! I like the setup.


:smiley: Thanks! I had a 2 seater as well, but i had to take 2 springs from it, because 2 springs broke in the 3 seater, so i sat almost on the floor :joy:, but the 2 springs did the trick, so my old 3 seater can live a bit longer.

:smiley: Thanks! I like it minimalistic and tidy :blush:, i can’t have any green plants because i usally drown them in too much water :joy:.