What was your last purchase?


Well I’m really jealous of the audio setup anyway, what kind of music do you listen to?


Blues, classic rock and early heavy rock from 68 to 79.

It’s superb sound, Exposure 3010S2 integrated amplifier and CD player, Klipsch RP-160M speakers and ATLAS cables.


Looks like a very cozy, relaxing set up @ingrobny. I like it!

This sounds very interesting. Expensive?


Nice interior :slight_smile: . 20 characters.


I say new, I meant second hand but new for me, I’ve got cats, they scratch that shit up there’s totally no point buying new it end sup fucked within a few months. So 2 and a 3 seater for £100 delivered, not complaining, getting it on Wednesday!


“Blues, classic rock and early heavy rock from 68 to 79.”


Bought the Razer Leviathan PC soundbar, after getting more room in the new apartment and not wanting to use my the Logitech speakers i bought back in 2004, it was time something new and different!


I just bought a new pair of jeans, Levis 501 is the best jeans there is imo :blush:, but the quality is costly :flushed:.


I’m sure it was just an … ACCIDENT! :stuck_out_tongue:


How much is that US?


105 $ :flushed:


Holy crap. Only $40-45 in US.
I could probably buy them and ship to you for total of $90 save you $15. Lol


Yeah i know, everything is expensive here in Norway, tourists is shocked every year :flushed:, but we have also high salary and that is kinda bad, because if you have a small business you will struggle with paying the high salary.
And it’s bad for tourism as well.


A little late but I booked flights to Berlin next month. If I remember I’ll be sure to share some pictures!


September? When? :face_with_monocle:


11th-18th…why…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cuz I have nothing to do and I like to travel.


Here’s today shopping list.
I ordered 2 things online and tomorrow I’m going to search a nice/good gps navigator and ask at BMW how much will it cost to clean the insides to make it look like new.

Yep, another identical softair pistol I already purchase a couple of months ago and a new identical electric razor I already have. My step dad uses mine some times and I use that razor not only for my head but private parts as well. There is a possibility my step dad does the same. So I let him keep the old one while I will use this new. I have the old one since 2013.
And since I’m not living any more with him I now have one that only me will use for now on.


A hair trimmer and a Colt 1911 is all you need for become agent 47 :smiley:.


That is a nice airsoft 1911, what company is that?


I guess you’re right. Its a CYBERGUN Colt series 70. CO2, wonderful gun and very powerful. I’m very very pleased with it.