What was your last purchase?


Got it this morning. Now one of this upcoming years I can visit some of you that live in Europe.


I bought a turn table.


You should play this on it while drinking some whiskey by a fireplace :joy: Hahaha


you’re always welcome, when you are in south germany!


I’m not promising anything anymore. I had to meet with @AGENT_58 this April when I wanted to go in Romania for a visit, but I couldn’t any more.
When I will have some cash to spend I will PM you and will come for a day or 2.


Are you planning to come to Romania again?


I hope in September. On 20 its My birthday and I wanted to celebrate with in my home town. Its since 2009 that I don’t go “home”.
And if I go I have to pass thru Belgrade because from there its only 200 km from where I was born. I will for sure let you know


Finally got my first DSLR, obviously only a basic entry level one to start with, but it’s good enough for my needs lol.
Some fancy crystal wine glasses…
& a cheeky little bottle of Lagavulin 16 which I’ll be cracking open later this evening :grinning:


Where are those pictures?


A few words: This is a fantastic piece of kit. There’s just so much versatility that one is drawn to playing it, just for the hardware. I mean, it’s like a literal toy - playing around with its configurations. And once you’ve gone into thinking like: “Right. I want to play with it this way.” You fire up Splatoon 2 and you’re gone for the next 4 hours (I dimmed screen to 40% to extend battery life).

The reviewers who quip that just having any old game in this system gives it new life isn’t kidding. It just feels different to be able to play this way. And it feels strange, and new. The game you were playing on your big TV one moment is the game you’re playing in a handheld form the next moment. Then your handheld splits into a mini TV/Console combo with two controllers…It’s too much.

Part of me feels the limited battery life is actually a godsend. We have to be able to find an excuse to stop sometime!


Are you talking about the gun?

I kid! I kid! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: I missed the sentence with the word “razor” the first time I read it tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally bought this bad boy :upside_down_face:

Now I can fulfill my fantasy of standing in front of the mirror in it and repeating “You talking to me” hundred times

I might post some pics in forum gallery later


Got my pre order of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy delivered today :grinning:

Kind of disappointed it plays exactly like UC 4: A Thief’s End. The setting is exactly like Madagascar in UC 4, only the name has changed. Story is new and well- written, I’m yet to complete the campaign :slight_smile:


20 Fantasies.


My last 3 purchases.
Anybody a Radiohead fan?


Yeah love them, just picked up >OBSERVER_ ;D
and this…


Dude that’s gorgeous btw, I’m slowly doing up my place right now but wow, well done, so cosy


I couldn’t help myself when I saw this guy in the Disney store! Down from 179 to 79 euro.

I had to have it! Wanted to buy it for a while now!



Fancy shoes.