What was your last purchase?


I ordered moments ago from Germany this table that I need in my room I have at my work. Its pretty practical, I can move it around the room to adjust the TV or pc right in font of my bed.

Then I’m thinking to buy these 2 chairs. One for home and one for the room at my work. Problem is that I’m not a fan of leather chairs. My ass sweats a lot on them. But I like a lot the design.


See if the chairs come in a mesh design? Either that, or rethink your chair choice lol.


I Bought these in England… :sweat_smile:

I’m crazy, I know…


Where we ironically don’t grow pineapples? xD


Small condoms


That’s genius! Personal use or a gift? xD


:smile: These socks are very comfortable.


My son would love those pineapple socks! His favorite tv show is “Psych” and it had kind of an inside joke/easter egg with almost every episode. subtly featuring a pineapple in some form. We now end most of our text messages with a pineapple emoji as a goodbye.


That’s funny :smile: I bought these at Topmen in UK. I think you can order them online too.


I can’t really understand what you’re trying to say…


Sometimes you get leather, and other times you can get like a steel mesh style. Might have it, might not. Worth a try. Means it’ll air out so you won’t sweat.


Its eco leather. Don’t know what that means. Mostly I just like the design. Then I guess I’ll put a blanket on it when using the chair


I have a pair off socks with pizza and soda on them. Best investment I’ve ever made.


These bad boys :+1:


I have finally bought a new TV :joy: my old 32" LCD HD-Ready TV had to go, i just bought a 40" Samsung UHD 4K LED TV and oh my god that was a massive improvement :relaxed:.


Looks very good, do you play on your TV or a monitor?


I’m playing on my TV so it’s money well spent, because i play games a lot :relaxed:, i don’t have PS4 Pro so i can’t use the 4K resolution, but full HD is way better than HD-Ready.


Visiting my first Hard Rock Café in Palma de Mallorca i had to get a t-shirt!

Also bought a total of 5 kg of Protein Powder


2,5 kg of Whey


2,5 kg of Casein

and got a Blender bottle as a free gift.


Also bought myself a new Mouse Pad, got tired of my old cloth pad from Steelseries. They get dirty from dust, they begin to fray around the edges and so on.

I got the Steelseries Dex

Which is waterproof and got a silicone base. Easy to clean and the edges doesn’t fray, also it being 43% off did not hurt either. Especially because i been playing to buy it for a month.


Got Shadow of Modor: GOTY Edition!


I got one from the NYC store, and my local Glasgow one lol.