What was your last purchase?


I bought a packet of crisps, and much to my bemusement I discovered a £1 coin inside the bag.

I appreciate the gesture, but this seems unsanitary to me. I believe I will complain.



Complain, and then go buy 2 packets! Get’s rid of that coin before no cunt accepts it lol.


I still plan to visit the states some days and then get a shirt from there as well!

@danzo_rezno tell me how that Terminator figure works out for you, quality and all…after i saw it i went straight to amazon and thought about buying this one


oh fuck me it is perfection! seriously, i was so happy with it i wanted to buy the 350 dollar version by hot toys XD



That’s a brilliant figure! Huge fan of Schwarzenegger. We saw T2 In 3d at the pictures last week. Cameron did it in 4k as well the quality of the picture and audio was incredible.
As for my purchase, the last thing I bought was this:

Wolfenstein The New Colossus Collectors Editon on PS4 :smile:


Nice man, seen it in 3D myself, was excellent, was really impressed with how well the 3D worked :slight_smile:


Yeah it wasn’t overdone at all. I was slightly disappointed that it was the theatrical version and not the directors cut but it was awesome any how. I love theach scene where Arnold learns to smile :smiley:


Yeah I wanted to see Reece on the big screen, and the chip reset scene, great props and camera trickery along with Linda’s twin Leslie, fantastic scene


Table arrived. I was way better with out it. Its small, I can’t spread my legs, the keyboard table is too low and touches my legs when I pull it, I keep hitting my knee to a bar that holds the table in the middle.
I think I’m going to trow it or leave it somewhere around here.


Give it to IOI, maybe it helps to develop season 2.


Too bad. Hopefully it wasn’t too expensive. Any new girls at work you could offer it to as a conversation starter?


I paid 30€. Guess I got what I paid for.


Fucking lucky, finding anything other than crisps in there. Spend money to make money.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for my Switch, and a few Ben Rehder books I didn’t have and would have trouble finding when I’m in NZ.


“Hey girl,wanna table?”



I’m in love with the movies.


“Hey girl, I’ve got something strong and firm but to me it’s a little small. Wanna come to my room and see if you want it?”:joy::joy::joy:

JK @badeaguard. No offense. :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Very good choice.


A bluray of Raging Bull.