What was your last purchase?


Non taken :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t say purchase, but I booked tickets to see the new IT movie this Friday :slight_smile:
One for me and the Bro, we grew up terrified of Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise


He was great!!!


My most recent purchase was 24 of these. Not my money technically, but I just ordered these for work lol.


The poster came 3 days earlier, I’m so happy.


Awesome! I love the xfiles, got them all on DVD. i love especially the Monster of the week Episodes!


I was always a big fan of the backround story episodes of Mulders parents if you know what I mean… no spoiling. Or the character CGB spender.


I just bought a midnight screening ticket for IT tomorrow evening, can’t wait!


So a coworker comes at work with a bunch of winter jackets and asks me "I came back with some nice jackets and I’m selling them. Don’t ask where I got them. Want to buy one for 50 €?"
I say why not, let’s have a look. And I bought it.
I’m sure it comes somewhere from China. The size is an XXL but fits me perfectly that I wear usually an L. The jacket is brand new, it had all the tags attached and extra buttons.
Here is a pic. I was posing like in the HITMAN game :sweat_smile:

I like it because it looks like some tactical ninja combat wearing.


You are a damn poser haha! Not that I can talk. On my lunch and I just bought this, super excited for it to come now!


Wasn’t the one used? You said you would post some pics. I’m also searching for a leather jacket. Never had one.
I like a lot this style. It looks like some sort of Russian mafia style.


Naw it’s not a used one :rofl:

Should be here in 3-5 days, cause I cheaped out on premium delivery lol.


i bought GTA V yesterday, to play with @Danger_dog_guy_7 :grin:


Are you serious? :open_mouth:


halfway. i wanted to play the game again, and i thought we could play together :grin:


Tell us how the movie was after you see it.


Okay so the film was really good and I would definitely recommend going to see it if you enjoy horror films. The actors and director deserve a lot of credit as I believe they had a lot to live up to following Tim Curry’s well known performance as Pennywise and it was great to see Bill Skarsgard take on the role. I’m not sure what else he has performed in but the manner in which he played It and it’s various manifestations were physically and emotionally brilliant.

There was a very unsettling feeling throughout the entire film but this was punctuated by a lot of funny moments and helped lull the audience into a false sense of security before sucker punching them. At one point I did think that maybe there were a few too many jokes from the Losers club, but actually on reflection I think the film did a good job of representing how teenagers behave.

Alongside murder there were a lot of issues the film actually dealt with including child sexual abuse, Munchhausen disease and bullying and several others that are touched on.

Throughout the film each of the children face It who appears to them in several different forms including Pennywise, Georgie and a disfigured person from a painting as well as a few other unsettling manifestations. There were also parts of the film where I thought It had taken the form of some of the adults or children in the backgrounds of scenes however I have no idea if this was the case.

I think in terms of showing violence towards children and young adults this is probably the only mainstream which has done so with such bravado and parts did take me off guard. However I think this is what the film needed and I’m glad they didn’t hold back.

There’s going to be a chapter 2 at some point to this film, but I’m going to be going back to the cinema to watch this one again.


Can’t wait to watch this. Was a massive fan of the book back when I read it.


I am going to see IT tonight. Pretty excited.


Hope you enjoy it. I was stoned af so I need to go back and watch it sober next time :smiley: