What was your last purchase?


I’ll watch it one day after my birthday, I’m very excited.


I used to have that exact poster!! :smiley:


X Files is just great! (Like mulder) :star_struck:


Just after seeing IT, was a bit so and so, good, go see it but wasn’t as good as the original :confused:


New small headphones from Roccat for 28€



i just bought a new Bomberjacket AC_US218

And i also pre-ordered the Secret of Mana Remake!! :grin::grin::grin:


Boring but I need a spare just in case.


You drive a BMW? :thinking:


You say like it’s a bad thing?..

I drive both a BMW and a Land Rover actually :slight_smile:


I’m a BMW owner :smiley: what model do you have? I have a 316D from 2012


Mine’s an X5 from 2004 haha!


Woaaa that’s huge. Never been to drive a 4x4 before or something that size.


Yeah, I shopped around for it, it’s got the 4.6is V8 engine which I wanted.


That’s some power. Instead I wanted something that consumes way less and not to pay high taxes.
Mine is a 2.0 L with just 116 horsepower. Ain’t much but I’m very satisfied with it.
I am in love with the shape. Regarding the engine, for me it could be a hamster inside the trunk as far as I care


Yeah I just wanted something big and comfortable cause I do alot of driving. But also wanted power :stuck_out_tongue: Think it’s got like 370BHP or something.

My Land Rover on the other hand is my coasting machine, just for cruising gently down the motorway. Plus it’s a 2.2L with just 200BHP so it’s alot more economical!


Just ordered this beauty for my new PS4. Heard its the best for playstation. I’m already scared thinking about all the games and update I have to re download.
I do have quite a number of digital games.


But that’s not a SSD, it’s a hybrid, but a 2TB SSD would cost a lot, it’s very fast:

And 2,5" and 7 mm high it will fit into your PS4 :smiley:.


I also changed mine from 500gb to 2TB. God it was a hell. Not to scare you, but be prepared. And back up all your data on a external drive so you can keep your data.


If you have a lot of digital games that you have to download and install again, it will take some time, that’s for sure :smiley:.

Backup would be the fastest way i think, but i don’t know if Playstation is fast or slow when instaling a backup, because i have never tried.


It takes about 2 hours