What was your last purchase?


I know its a hybrid. That’s why I bought it. Previous disk was also a hybrid and I was very satisfied.

@Danger_dog_guy_7 I’m looking up to 300+ GB of download. I will start first with the important Call of Duty and Hitman then the rest.
Some games I will spare to install them since I didn’t play them for 2+ years.


Does PS4 not have a port to just plug in an external? I know I bought a 2TB one for my XB1 a couple years ago. It was pretty much plug and go. Or are you trying to avoid having the “messiness” of having an external vs internal?


I’m trying to avoid the messiness :smiley: I want it as portable as possible. So an inside 2tb is going to be perfect. I have 2 external hdd one 4tb and the other 3tb and I use them for movies. I got almost all of them full


I recommend move those movies from the drive to your PC, back up your data on your drive, add the system download (not latest version but whole system version!) to it as another map named UPDATE and when everything is done place the back up back on your PC. When you are sure all data is on your PS4 move them movies back from your PC to your drive. You might get some struggle but ey, you’ll learn from that. When I did it I got so fucking pissed and angry because it didn’t work, but don’t give up. It is worth it. :+1:

Good luck man!


Got my copy of Dishonored: Death of The Outsider delivered yesterday! :blush: Playing as Billie Lurk and seeing Daud after such a long time makes me very happy :):grinning:

The ultimate Dishonored collection!


Recently bought these three gems on blue ray On a Buy 2, get 1 free sale.



So you have three feet?


Fixed. :sweat_smile:


Haven’t had a properly working phone in like three months, had ridiculous battery problems on my iPhone 6 and have been stuck with a 4S for the last month and a half. Finally got myself a new iPhone 7 now.


I just threw 639,- NOK out the window by buying Project Cars 2, bought and installed it yesterday and deleted it today, the AI was better than PC 1 but not good enough, they are all over the place and they don’t see me or they don’t care if i’m out on the track, when i’m pushed into a spin then the next car hit’s me to finish me off, sorry SMS, PC 2 was better, but not good enough :grimacing:.

I didn’t even pre-order this time, so now i have to become even more strict with myself, questionable games must not be bought before reviews are read and playthrough videos is watched :flushed:.

Because when i started to search google about Project Cars 2 AI, to see if anybody else had problems, i found this:


And i’m not sure we can even trust reviews, look at this, 9.2?


For the bad AI i would rate this game at 6.5

Here is another video, from pitstop this time:

I didn’t experience this, but one car had stopped in the end of the pitstop and stood still while he turned the steering wheel back and forth like crazy.


AI isn’t everything, and I don’t think reviewers would drop 4 points unless the AI was so bad you could barely play the game.


I’m certain Namco-Bandai will fix this in patches later. Just like every developer and publisher in these days.


I will not be a part of a new big bug fix galore that will go on forever like it did with PC 1 and even after all the patches, the AI in PC 1 was never getting any better, Slightly Mad Studios made PC 2 to fix all of this, but it is just the same as PC 1.

I’m not so sure about that, when it comes to singleplayer the AI is really important:


I couldn’t resist after seeing it in the shop. :smile:


Some new clothes, and shoes that didn’t have holes in them.


Pre ordered Middle Earth: Shaodow of War :blush: great thing there is a steelbook too


Well, must say it is a better movie than the 2016 one.


I think we can all agree on this.


It’s a masterpiece in comparison to the (actually) 2015 one. :wink:


(It was a present) I really enjoyed the game as well as the look of the beautiful lady on this poster :smile: