What was your last purchase?


You posted “your” house, it was a joke from you.


Oh that!? Haha yeah I forgot about that, that was a while ago. Yeah, I wish that was really my house :laughing:


I thought it actually was


Haha yeah I wish man. Maybe some day :laughing:


I kinda drink them on a daily basis :smiley: or at least once a week


Finally landed in my hands, after long journey from Kilmarnock, Great Britain. :heart:



New bedsheets?


Exactly! :smile:

Look how beautiful this artbook lies on them.


Energy drinks have never been my kinda thing.


Purchased this a couple of months ago on pre-order as a little birthday treat to myself, but it finally arrived at the weekend.

Apologies in advance for the pic overload lol…

(My favourite band of all time!)


#830 of 1000


Fish Mooney loves a bit of Metal…

The nerve of this C*NT!




New replacement earpads for my Sennheiser Game Zero headset after almost 4 years of use, they have begun to tear.

also bought 6 tickets for this movie!


That’s the Coolest shit ever man


I bought an Audix D6.


Gonna be using it mostly as a kick drum out mic for live shows (Beta 91 for kick in). Had its first outing last night, pretty pleased with it.


I still need to wait because in my city we have two Movie Theaters. The expensive one is selling the tickets but the cheaper one dont.


I picked up some Marshall headphones. Really good sound and not that expensive, but man, do they press on the ears after about 45 mins! I feel like my head is in a vice after a while.


Really big fan of WW2 Cartoons and Comics



I bought even more fuckin microphones


Stereo pair of SE4 Condensers, mostly for live use. Complete with shock mounts, a stereo bar and a carry case. Cost a few quid. Totally worth it.


I know we’re in the era of alternative facts, but those are not “earpads” – they’re tyres.


You are fake news.