What was your last purchase?


You are fake news.


Witcher 3 Expansion Pass

And a burger from my favorit burger plage

RICTUS ERECTUS - Onion Rings, Bourbon BBQ, Matured Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Maple Glazed Bacon and 100% Danish Beef Patty.


Burger looks yummy @Mads47.


It was, it’s a great Burger Place. They change their menu a couple of times a year, you can get all kinds of Burgers, Lam, Boar and the classic beef. I do prefer the more standrad and classic Burgers, Bacon and Cheese. It was a good meal, the patty is extremely tastful and can rival some of the Steaks i have gotten.


Had me at this and the bacon!!


Capitalism is far too enjoyable.

I bought a Rifle Case for an odd reason, hopefully it doesn’t look dodgy to have a rifle case being sent via mail. I use my laptop in-between work and home, and hate laptop bags with a passion, they often end up bulky and just generally annoying.

I also got a new storage drive for all my media etc.

So at the moment my gaming computer has 5 internal drives plugged in, and is acting as a bit of a media server which I never intended it to be.

Eventually I’m planning to part out my current computer into a HTPC / Rackmount Case. Which will be a sort of lounge-room gaming / media server. That will be mounted in a rack, using this case:

And then i’ll put it in an U server rack enclosure with my planned networking gear (Switch, Router, etc.)

Then using some of the parts from my current PC, i’ll probably build a new gaming PC, and put it into my current computer case.


5€ pepe ma frog.

rushing into Konami HQ “WHO’S IDEA WAS MGS SURVIVE?”


Stopped in at a truckstop yesterday. Bought this hoodie and fleece jacket. They were discounted because they aren’t allowed to make any more and have to sell thruough them soon. A rep for Monster energy drinks saw them and were like “Um…no!”

The “M” design is too close to the Monster logo. Particularly the green one on the jackets.



Got Nes with super Mario Bros and Ducktales from My local game store



I had to buy a new PS4 today :cry: i thought it would cost 2700,- NOK, but when i paid for it, it was 3400,- NOK :open_mouth: and when i put my glasses on (:joy:) when i came out to my car, i saw it was with FIFA and couple months free PSN + (it was 14 days), but i haven’t any use of either of that…

With the old PS4, i think the GPU was about to shut down, it was sometimes a weird horizontal line in the middle of the screen, when i played games or watched a game trailer on Playstation Store.
I really hope the line is gone when i start playing on the new PS4 Slim and it isn’t something wrong with my new TV, that would make me really sad.

I tried to swap the HD from my old to the new, so i didn’t have to download my games again, but that didn’t work, when you start your PS4 the first time the HD is locked to that PS4 (or maybe even from before you start it for the first time), so now i’m downloading Wolfenstein once again, to say at least i’m not happy about have to do that, i know you can transfer with a ethernet cable between the two, but that take some time as well, the easiest would be to just swap the HD :unamused:.


I got the same problem but when i chance the cords it was working again:)


I tried another HDMI cable, but it didn’t help, the horizontal like moved upwards when i walked forward with my character and moved downwards when i moved backwards with the character, i have never seen this before, it was like a wave rolling over the screen, very weird.


Interesting because that worked for My console


But i don’t think we have the same problem, the weird line only happens after the PS4 has been on for a while and after 30 min/ 1 hour of game playing when the PS4 is warmed up, the vents was full of dust, so i used the vacum cleaner to get the dust off, but i think the GPU is half cooked :flushed:.

I have started it up now and playing Wolfenstein, so i will take a picture when the line shows up. It’s not on just Wolfenstein, but The Long Dark and game trailers on PSN.


Do that So i can tell if we Have same problem


It hasen’t happend yet :flushed:, maybe it is a heat problem, because now i have the PS4 on the floor with a lot of room to ventilate, but the fan is working overtime, so it might be clogged with dust inside.


Is the back of your tv unit enclosed at the back? If so, there’s your problem. It’s exhausting heat and then has nowhere for it to go so the the console breathes it back in with the intake.

If it is open at the back (where you can see all the wires), then it could simply be dust. I opened mine up pretty easily and cleaned it out. YouTube has some easy tutorials for that.


No, my TV has good ventilation in the back.

I hope that is the problem, i have been lazy with vacuum clean the ventilation (blue arrows, cold air in) on each side of the PS4.


I always clean My ps4 One Time per month