What was your last purchase?


Let me know if there is any way we can come to a negotiation on those PSN Plus months they gave you, if they are codes and you don’t need them, that is. I have my subscription removed since July because I can’t pay it.


I have to do something, i’m playing everyday and it’s getting expensive to have to buy a new PS4 every year…
I don’t know Xbox One is a better gaming console and will last longer, gaming PC would be the best solution.
But i don’t know if it is my PS4 or TV that made that weird line yet, i don’t know a LED TV can do that, because the picture rolled like picure could do on old CRT TV’s.


No negotiation necessary :smiley: the code is send to you in a PM, but sorry it is just for 14 days :flushed:.
But if you don’t sleep for 14 days and only play, the code will then give you 336 hours of online gaming :joy:.


Better than Nothing like they say


Many thanks mate! I’ll plan ahead before activating it then, to make sure and make the most of it lol.


Just bought COD WWII for PC

I have begun to run on fumes in BF1 after 500+ hours of Multiplayer and so have my friend. So we discussed what game should replace BF1. Neither of us really like 3rd person shooters, so PUBG is out of the question. We played a lot of Rainbow Six Siege, that was fun as well, but to much work if you want to go platinum in rankings… We both had a lot of fun with COD AW, so we decided that the game that would most likely stick, would be COD.

Plus personally i love the WW2 era, so the Singleplayer alone is worth it, normally i have been cautious about buying COD titles, not all of them hit the spot.


So do i.


COD goes into the future and even out in the space wasn’t my thing either, but now we are back to WWII, if the story is the length of BF1 then i will be happy, but it dosen’t hurt if the campaign is even longer than BF1 :smiley:.
No pre-order, i will buy this right after midnight, download it and play it sometime on tuesday :blush:.


I bought it from Greenmangaming, got 20% off. So there was no reason to wait until release.


I bought all CODs since black ops 1. My favorite of them all is MW3.

I only play online and almost all the time Free for All. Of course I preordered this one way way before.



An express ticket to France :airplane: Forgot my god damn passport at the dinner table :weary: so it gives me just enough time to get back home, get it, and make it back to the airport.




I’ve decided to build a PC. Parts have started to turn up and I am very excited.




are you going to buy PC version of Hitman?


Of course hehe

I’m hoping i’ll be able to build it and get playing before elusive targets return so I can get the suits too


nice to know, it’s going to be great to have one more great speedrunner on PC, as well as your contracts :slight_smile:


Thanks mate, appreciate it


One of my ram sticks just broke 4 days after warranty exceeded…


Unknown Soldier and Under the North Star trilogy. I Have heard those are Best Finnish books about Continuation War. Thank god these are translated to English


I recently bought a new Audio Interface called the Audient iD14 that uses Burr-Brown AD/DA converters. It looks beautiful and sounds amazing! I got a pretty great deal too!
Audient iD14