What was your last purchase?




I ordered a pair from Marks and Spencer. Kind of a scam because it doesn’t work on touch screen like it’s supposed to.

Nevertheless it does make me feel like a bad-ass and that’s all that matters when it comes to leather gloves.


I imagine everyone here owns a pair of Agent 47 gloves… Those who say they don’t are liars.

Gloves 3


But it’s also first person?


I like strictly games that are only first person, sure there is a mode with only First Person. But there are other reasons to why i didn’t get hooked on the game, which is the slow build. I like fast paced gameplay.

Don’t take me wrong, it’s a fun game. But it isn’t enough to keep me engage for 500 hours like BF1 have, and i’m looking for the next game to master. Which might not be COD WW2 after playing it.


That’s fair, some people aren’t into to the long waits between gunfights and intense perma-death type game-modes, where you actually feel physically tense. Everybody has their type of shooter they enjoy :slight_smile:


It can definitely be fun and very intense, but i prefer intense gameplay to come from from horror multiplayer games. However i do think BF1 can very much offer intense moments, like when a tank is driving past you while you hide in the dirt or taking cover from heavy fire.

Plus COD and BF1 makes more sense for me, since i prefer small maps, short rounds and normally only play Domination based modes. A mode that takes more then 15 min is to long, it fits perfectly those days where i’m time restricted.

I do play PUBG with other friends now and then, but not a main game.


Bought two Blu-Ray movies yesterday


Sadly Alien Covenant isn’t available in a steelbox version in Denmark, like Prometheus was. There is a 4K steelbox version in Denmark, but i don’t own a 4K TV or a 4K blu-ray player, did find a standard Blu-ray steelbox version of the movie in Spain, but it cost twice as much and then comes shipping.

I will buy the steelbox version down the line, since i already own a steelbox version of Prometheus.



i think everyone saw Terminator :slight_smile:


Any NFL fans who watched the Lion’s play (and win) on Monday Night Football this week probably saw Marvin Jones’ TD celebration - “Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots” style. Epic!

So I just ordered this shirt.




My first ever Day One game purchase:

But I will definitely come back to Earth to kill The Forger when he arrives November 17. :slight_smile:

P.S.: It’s interesting to hear Bethesda’s Marketing VP mention that demographics for Nintendo Switch reveal that a large percentage of Switch owners “possibly have not played a modern game recently to the extent that Skyrim would be all new to them”. That kind of data would indicate the logic behind games like Street Fighter 2 doing gangbusters, but also the logic behind Skyrim and Doom for this console.

Incidentally, before Switch’s release, there were a lot of Apple gaming sites that basically mentioned the Switch alongside lamentation that Apple could have delivered mobile gaming of this scale but have not done so.

Part of me wonders if the demographics are actually pointing to disgruntled Apple iPad gamers who were brought out by Switch’s “affordable” price (it’s cheap if you’re Apple’s usual customer) and by the launch title Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (basically in the eyes of Apple customers, this is the kind of game they’ve wished on their tablets but could never have).


I have no idea what you just said, but I agree completely :ok_hand:


Basically Bethesda’s Marketing man was saying that they are confident about pushing Skyrim because the data indicates that Skyrim would be totally new for a lot of Switch owners.

Of course, to you and me and most PC/console gamers, that’s crazy. All of us know what Skyrim is.

Unless, I thought, he was referring to people who defected from Tablet gaming…The Switch is in a similar price range to Apple “gaming tablets” like the iPad 4.


There is a winter jacket from Kappa in a store exactly how I like it. All black with no writings on it and very simple design.
Yesterday the store was closed and apparently even today. I want it so bad!!!
I’m going to try it out tomorrow and ask the shopper if it can keep it away till next month because I just moved to a new house with my mom and I’m spending money left and right.

Will post pictures maybe once I buy it.


It’s not my last purchase but my last notable purchase:

Proud owner of a 12.7g piece/slice of a 4+ billion year old Seymchan meteorite. Yes, this ruined my month economically but it was worth it. This is not a fake or pseudoscience. I took these photos and hope you’ll enjoy.

download (1)


More info below:
“How you get a mixture of metal and these gem-like crystals has been a longstanding mystery,” lead study author John Tarduno, a geophysicist at the University of Rochester in New York, told SPACE.com. “Because of the density differences of these materials, you’d normally think they’d separate into two different groups.”




how much does it cost


And yet you roleplay Hitman :wink:


Well each game got their strengths and I play different games for different aspects :wink:


I wasn’t being serious :wink:


It looks like it’s made out of the same stuff as Spawn!

I wonder if you get superpowers by eating it!