What was your last purchase?


I know hun


Alright babydoll


That is seriously kickass!


Well, I’ve been in touch with the guy before not buying but in general, and he gave a discount it wasn’t too too bad but my economy isn’t the best since I’m renovating my apartment right now. I think I payed about $250 / 150-200 Euros.


Thank you! I’m a huge space/universe nerd.


As you probably all know Im a massive bloodborne fan. I love my latest purchase with passion.


Sorry about the bad lighting. The book looks great in person.


What’s your build m8?


Which one lol. I have so many


Grabbed myself Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Silent Assassin on GOG’s Black Friday sale. Now I just hope my console peasant’s hands will get used to playing with mouse and keyboard otherwise I’m not sure I’ll actually manage to finish them. :sweat_smile:


i recomment you to buy Codename 47 aswell, its the Best Game in the Series.


@Pissfloyd Bloodborne is in my top 5 games of all time. It’s just perfect. (My #1 game is Deus Ex (2000))

I recommend grabbing this one (even if you already have all knowledge of the game) because it’s incredibly beautiful

There’s even frame-by-frame analysis of weapon movesets etc. and LobosJR helped out in some parts of the guide too.

Edit: Oh and I took this screenshot/made my way to this rare sequence break area a year ago, super cool


I don’t get it. “Sequence Breaking”? Isn’t that Yahar’gul’s Hypogean Gaol? All you have to do is get killed by a Snatcher before the blood moon. Or is that not it?


That area is off limits before the bloodmoon (killing Rom and all that jazz). Pretty cool screen @_Id. Thanks for the recommendation. I actually bought another guidebook for the shit’s and giggles but it’s really bad. No pictures or anything. And the print is the worst Ive seen in a book. By 2up. Don’t ever touch that stuff.

I’ll buy the proper one as an early christmas present lol


Just bought Oxenfree for 3.74 on the steam sale. It’s a side scrolling indie game. From what I heard about it it’s somewhere between Life is Strange and Stranger Things in tone. Seems great, but I’m going in not really knowing anything about it.


Yeah, this book is absolutely gorgeous!

Excerpt from the old edition (which looks great still)


Just bought Gran Turismo Sport for black friday price, 50% off on Playstation Store, so i paid ca 270,- NOK, that’s enough when i only will play single player which is probably 50% of the game or less :joy:.


I bought it too (on GOG sale along aforementioned Hitman titles). I ended up buying it only because a colleague of mine recommended it, so I guess we can both say we’re going in not knowing much about the game. Let’s hope it will be a pleasant surprise! :grinning:


This fucking thing.


You bought a road? Fancy having your own road and all.


Indeed. It doesn’t lead anywhere though, so it’s quite a shame. Especially since I had to sell my house to afford it. Oh well.