What was your last purchase?


I bought Aragami for nearly 8 yellow ducks.


Astralis Jersy!

Got to get ready for ELS CS:GO PRO LEAGUE in Odense.

Steelseries Apex M750



Got this pin as a secret santa present at work, but I might wear it myself if I find something cooler for my colleague :sweat_smile:


My new gaming PC! Can’t wait to play Hitman on it and see what it looks like. :grin:




new favorite Hoodie


After a extensive wait due to lack of funds, I was finally able to pick this up today.


Been looking for this CD for a few years now, there’s been a couple on ebay over the years, but they’ve always been ridiculously priced -like £50-60+ -few vinyls too, but I don’t buy Rap vinyl… only Blues :wink:

Very rare oldskool album you won’t find on any streaming services, itunes etc.


Very political and socially conscious album, most well known track was “Piece of Reality”… 25 years on, different POTUS… but the lyrics still apply (sadly :frowning_face:)


srsly? why? you can get this at 25 dollard.


Well yeah, cos it’s not 2014 any more is it


Went to NYC and got some Timberland Boots. I been trying to get some of these for years. Finally got em and walked all over NYC in these bad boys. Already got em scuffed.

boot 1boot 2boot 3


Is good quality :grinning:, so you will not be needing new boots anytime soon.


That’s right, but now I think I want more.

My wife told me she likes the grey color so that means I’ll be getting that.
And I saw some other like blood red color that kinda looked like a dress boot, so I will get that.

But yeah these wheat color ones I am gonna take care of and like you said I won’t NEED to get new ones, oh but I WANT them.


I have American hiking shoes and boots from Merrell, that’s also very good quality :grinning:.





unless you think


i bought a new 49“ TV, and now i enjoy my Favorite Mission on it.IMG_20171207_183452

And i’m listening to this, because it fits the Mission Setting and the HITMAN OST sucks.


haha what are thooooose!


Basil plant was thrown in the discounted items at the veg section. Just needed a bit of touching up, some water and I fertilized with a bit of used coffee grounds. I’ll make some nice pesto next week.


I was in a festive spirit today and bought a 6 pack of this. Looked interesting and turns out it’s pretty tasty.




Finally, I won’t need optimisation patch for HITMAN anymore. :smile: