What was your last purchase?


I bought Battlefield 1 Revolution, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition, Battlefield 4 and Hardline and Bloodborne Game of The Year Edition from the Back Friday sale last month :blush: The mrp was around Rs. 16000(266$) but I got it for 4000(66$) Never have felt so lucky in my life :smile: decided to start with Battlefield 1


Bought a new pocket knife! It’s the Ontario Rat II. For its ~$30 USD price tag, it’s a sturdy little knife that should work great for EDC!



Every time I wonder where my money went I come to this tread and look at my posts.

Got paid 2 days ago and had to spend quite a lot.

My mom asked to pay the full rent this month. Can’t say no my mother and there goes some money, I bought a new winter jacket last month but had to take it to the tailor because the sleeves were too long.
Filled up my car’s gas tank, bought 1,5 liter of oil for my car and a small lamp that had to replaced.
Went to McDonalds and bought a menu for my best friend as well to celebrate salary day.
Bought some RedBulls and chocolate snacks.
And now I have to buy a replacement part for my Samsung Tv. It started to overheat and my coworker, who’s an expert in electronics, told me its the Tv’s graphic card. I should adjust it with 30 € or so.
And I still have to pay 270 € for the engravings on my Silverballer.

Next month is going to be awesome. I have to pay a tax for my car that goes to the state. In my situation is 175 € based on 116 horse power. 130 € to make the passport ad a shitload of money to print a 3D project for my Silverballer replica.


Well, on my new laptop HITMAN performance is 1000 times better than ever before on PC.
It’s good to have my beloved game back and working as it should. :heart:

My PC is useless for me now, by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn Sean,back at it again with the yellow tims!


Hahaha, this thread beats the receipt you get after a puchase, that’s for sure, wonder what you bought two years ago? No problem, if you posted about it here you will find it, pictures of the item is even better :joy:.


After losing my chance to get him at a toy store around 5 years ago, I finally have one of my favourite characters from the Halo franchise:
Too bad he didn’t came with the pair of sticks and the rock they used when he joined to the Corps.


Gang Beasts. Had really fun Time with my Best friend in Local Co-Op:) Too Bad that Online is So fucked up. Too much lag




I just got forza 7 for PC and personally it’s currently the best arcade/sim racing game I’ve played since Gran Turismo 4 for the playstation 2.

I’m trying to get a good steering wheel after Christmas maybe when the boxing day sales kick in.


I just bought my Christmas presents. The Witcher 3 GOTYE, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, and The Surge: complete edition. Being in Australia, it’s coming closer to going to sleep, and having a great time tomorrow :smile:


Just bought a Lightsaber from Ultrasabers today, I been wanting to buy a lightsaber that I can fight with for years, but they ain’t cheap and a third of the price is just shipping. to my great suprise my friend and his two brothers as well as his uncle where going to buy one each. I joined them and now we are able to split the shipping cost, which makes it much more affordable. Plus because of the Christmas they are 10% off.


I will add my own touches to the hilt when I get it. I’m going to weather it and make it look more battleborn as well as adding a leather strip to the grip.


I’m trying to fight it. But I’m too weak.
Be prepared for my next purchase…


Its the perfect replica to make my Silverballer. The metal is what makes it so special. At the engraving villa they did wonders in removing the markings on what so ever metal the other gun is made. With this one should a piece of art.


I think so too, it says heavy steel slide, so it sounds like this slide can be sanded down without any problems and that you can engrave it with whatevery you want afterwards.


Man… My salary is this week and I said to myself that I want so start putting away something.


It is a expensive gun :open_mouth: over 7000,- NOK, just to compare my car i bought cost 9000,- :joy: but that was a cheap car, my speakers cost 6000,- nok, my 40" tv cost 4000,- so i think this replica gun is in very high quality :smiley:.


I found one used for sale in Milano. I’m calling the guy tomorrow asking if he still has it for sale.
Its listed at 800 €, I’m going to propose 600 € and will go and take it directly under his house.
Or last option is to contact the store and ask if I can buy it paying a monthly fee giving 300 € in advance.

Found one in Hong Kong at 600 € with shipping. I’m very afraid about if it will ever reach my destination in a short time. I had some bad experience with shipping from China. But I’m desperate to have it now. Apparently this replica wasn’t produce in a huge quantity and its quite for some time on the market.

Oh I’m fucking buying it…


Have you checked if you can swap out parts, the trigger, the sight etc? It’s a pretty expensive gun, so i would check if this is doable, let’s hope the guy still have it and you can go to him and check the gun out som more.


The slide is very round on top, is the silverballer the same? And the sight dosen’t appear to have screws.

Here it is dismantled:


But this is the 100th Anniversary Colt 1911a1.



I write about it on the Blackballer replica post. Everything should be good. I have projects to 3D print the interested parts