What was your last purchase?


I’ll be coming back to check this comment so I can cry over.

I had some urgent things to do and some foolish one I really wanted. So here it goes.

I paid rent to my mom (half of it plus internet bill)
I went to the dentist because a front tooth broke in June and had to adjust it before it was too late
I filled up my car tank
I paid the engraving on my Silverballer replica
Bought some redbulls for me and my pal and a couple of noodles in can
Shower gel and dental liquid
A replacement part for my razor (it felt from my hands one day and something inside broke)
Passport bills, or some kind of bill.

And finally, directly from China…
THIS: INOKATSU Colt series 70’s

Last moment decision to add to my replica:
I manage to find them in Italy after a lot of time. I have another one identical to these one that a member here was so kind to send it to me :hugs:


Bought a pair of Dr Martens



i love Docs, i wear mine almost everyday, such a comfortable Shoe, and a must-have for every good Subculture :grin:


Breaking them in HURTS though! My ankles are sore today…


you’ll get used to it and after that they are really great shoes!


I love them already!


That’s a swag looking Ibanez. Played a similar model for quite some time


My gun is in for custom clearance :frowning: UPS called me today asking for a copy of my documents, a copy of the payment and if I can provide the manual with description of how many joules the pistol has.

Apparently the gun is just right for the European law, is under a joule and when I talked at the phone with the website I purchase the Colt, they told me it was powerful but another email after from them told me they made a mistake with the info and it should be ok to pass.

Any way, I send all that it was requested and now I hope tomorrow I will have it. It took only 2 days to arrive from Hong Kong to Venice (Italy). Can’t wait to have it.

WTF!!! I called UPS because on my tracking page there was something about paying a tax, so I called to ask questions. I need to pay 139,60 € for importing it.
I’m pretty butthurt about this.


Got it for dirt cheap. Now I am a real crypto trader.


Did you print it yourself, looks like 3D printed :joy:.


kinda it was a gift from a friend who 3d printed it for me.


Cool gift, if it was real, it would be a awesome gift :joy:, 1 bitcoin costs $ 11271 :open_mouth:


Bought a metal poster for my gaming station.


That looks amazing. How much was it?


34 eur all in all, plus they have 24% off


QFE -DMs rock! Used to love mine… having said that, last time I owned a pair was back in school, circa '91-92 when I was going through my “Grebo” phase… Carter USM & Ned’s Atomic Dustbin! Ahh memories :laughing:


Just decided to adjust my car. It has some scratches here and there, engine and everything so far gave me no problems in 2 years. But I need to change the oil again in a couple of months.

Ordered this piece for the back. Its cheaper this way, to buy a new one and paint it over.
Also this time I’m adding sensors. I don’t have them.
I’m quite a good driver but sometimes parking at night in a tight place requires an extra skill. And honestly I do have some problems to measure the distance so some times when I am insecure I will just open the door and stick my head outside to look back :grin:


Front one also has some little scratches, but it can be painted over without buying a new one.

Then last thing will do a polish so it will look like brand new


I bought the Batman version of Fluxx, after me and my friends had alot of fun playing the original version. It’s a great fun card game which has alot of randomness to it.


Bought the NZXT Kraken x62 CPU liquid cooler.

Been playing around with Coolers for a long time…back and forth with Air and Liquid. But for a long time I been wanting to upgrade it to a cooler with a bigger radiator, then my current Corsair.

Also bought a new chair and sold off my old gaming chair. It began to show it’s age and the fake leather was begning to tear. Also I got tired of the Race chair design, sadly most gamer things looks like they been designed by a 13 year old boy. Though I don’t mind RBG features, as long as the design is more sleek and minimalistic.


8bitdo SF30 “Super Famicom” style controller


Not bad at all. Especially good for DOOM (now with Gyro Aim after patch!) and SPLATOON 2 on Nintendo Switch. :slight_smile:
A shame though that RE: REVELATIONS only supports gyro aim with a right-side Joy-Con so it doesn’t work on the SF30 or the Nintendo Pro Controller.