What was your last purchase?



I’ll be coming back to check this comment so I can cry over.

I had some urgent things to do and some foolish one I really wanted. So here it goes.

I paid rent to my mom (half of it plus internet bill)
I went to the dentist because a front tooth broke in June and had to adjust it before it was too late
I filled up my car tank
I paid the engraving on my Silverballer replica
Bought some redbulls for me and my pal and a couple of noodles in can
Shower gel and dental liquid
A replacement part for my razor (it felt from my hands one day and something inside broke)
Passport bills, or some kind of bill.

And finally, directly from China…
THIS: INOKATSU Colt series 70’s

Last moment decision to add to my replica:
I manage to find them in Italy after a lot of time. I have another one identical to these one that a member here was so kind to send it to me :hugs:


Bought a pair of Dr Martens



i love Docs, i wear mine almost everyday, such a comfortable Shoe, and a must-have for every good Subculture :grin:


Breaking them in HURTS though! My ankles are sore today…


you’ll get used to it and after that they are really great shoes!


I love them already!


That’s a swag looking Ibanez. Played a similar model for quite some time


My gun is in for custom clearance :frowning: UPS called me today asking for a copy of my documents, a copy of the payment and if I can provide the manual with description of how many joules the pistol has.

Apparently the gun is just right for the European law, is under a joule and when I talked at the phone with the website I purchase the Colt, they told me it was powerful but another email after from them told me they made a mistake with the info and it should be ok to pass.

Any way, I send all that it was requested and now I hope tomorrow I will have it. It took only 2 days to arrive from Hong Kong to Venice (Italy). Can’t wait to have it.

WTF!!! I called UPS because on my tracking page there was something about paying a tax, so I called to ask questions. I need to pay 139,60 € for importing it.
I’m pretty butthurt about this.


Got it for dirt cheap. Now I am a real crypto trader.


Did you print it yourself, looks like 3D printed :joy:.


kinda it was a gift from a friend who 3d printed it for me.


Cool gift, if it was real, it would be a awesome gift :joy:, 1 bitcoin costs $ 11271 :open_mouth:


Bought a metal poster for my gaming station.


That looks amazing. How much was it?


34 eur all in all, plus they have 24% off


QFE -DMs rock! Used to love mine… having said that, last time I owned a pair was back in school, circa '91-92 when I was going through my “Grebo” phase… Carter USM & Ned’s Atomic Dustbin! Ahh memories :laughing:


Just decided to adjust my car. It has some scratches here and there, engine and everything so far gave me no problems in 2 years. But I need to change the oil again in a couple of months.

Ordered this piece for the back. Its cheaper this way, to buy a new one and paint it over.
Also this time I’m adding sensors. I don’t have them.
I’m quite a good driver but sometimes parking at night in a tight place requires an extra skill. And honestly I do have some problems to measure the distance so some times when I am insecure I will just open the door and stick my head outside to look back :grin:


Front one also has some little scratches, but it can be painted over without buying a new one.

Then last thing will do a polish so it will look like brand new


I bought the Batman version of Fluxx, after me and my friends had alot of fun playing the original version. It’s a great fun card game which has alot of randomness to it.


Bought the NZXT Kraken x62 CPU liquid cooler.

Been playing around with Coolers for a long time…back and forth with Air and Liquid. But for a long time I been wanting to upgrade it to a cooler with a bigger radiator, then my current Corsair.

Also bought a new chair and sold off my old gaming chair. It began to show it’s age and the fake leather was begning to tear. Also I got tired of the Race chair design, sadly most gamer things looks like they been designed by a 13 year old boy. Though I don’t mind RBG features, as long as the design is more sleek and minimalistic.