What was your last purchase?


Bought The Last Jedi on Blu-ray in a limited edition cover sleve from the UK. So now i’ll just have to wait for it be released.

There is also a First Order version, but It didn’t feature Luke in the background. So I choose the Resistance version.


I’ve bought the Blu-Ray double pack with season one and two of Fear The Walking Dead.


The “Thrice: Alchemy Index” vinyl reissue that I preordered back in November finally came in today.


I’ve never heard of Thrice, or even own a vinyl player, but those vinyls are absolutely gorgeous. They must look great when they spin.


Yeah, it’s become my obsession as of late. Been collecting vinyl for the last 6-7 months and already have a huge collection for someone starting out.


I got new carpet in my house…does that count? :confused:


Charity shops have the best shit.


My last notable purchase: a grown-up bed.



Where you can sleep like a baby :grinning:.


what a bed, even has a headboard.

looks over at my shitty, untidy bed


Behold my last purchase!!!

I was very skeptical to buy them a couple of years ago when this model was introduce. Then I started to see them very often on people and the other day I notice them on 2 waiters wearing the same model and so I said to my self "They must be really comfortable"
And I’m very impressed. I will use them to walk around and not for sports. They have this stylish and sports look combine that I like a lot. But something tells me that it’s better if I don’t use them when is raining.
Price wasn’t even high. I found them at 66€


Bought exactly these shoes some years ago, they were unbelievable comfortable. Even two times in a row. First in black and white, the second time all black, like yours. Unfortunately, at some point they didn’t fit anymore and I bought these:

They’re also very comfortable and look a bit better in my eyes.


How did they shrink? Are they long resistant? An ex coworker told me she has them for 2 years and uses them for work, hiking and jogging and are still good.


I’m often working with special chemicals and substances, for the government. They caused this shrinking. No - just joking, I was still growing at that time, that’s why :smile:
And yes, they were very resistant.
Edit: I have to correct myself a bit, the front area had a few small holes after some time, the material is not very thick at that area.


Are you the one who makes 47’s poisons?


Exactly. I made the sedative one. Unfortunately was this one my last one, I got fired afterwards.


My latest purchase was this:

Merida Big Nine Vasa Racing :blush:.

Bought it online on saturday, the bike was on sale, costed 15,000 NOK and now it costed 9,000 NOK, i just picked it up in my local bikeshop and this is so much better than my old 26" wheels MTB from 2005, with V-brakes and 27 gears, this have 29" wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and 30 gears :blush:.


Today I bought a new TV. It’s a 43" Samsung. Not even expensive (459,00 €) then there was QLED Tv at 1.200 + € but oh well… Another time.
So far I’m very happy with it but I already broke the battery cover from the remote. I couldn’t remove it!
Will buy maybe one day a substitute.
Some days before I was searching for an external keyboard for my laptop with the only reason to play the old Hitman games.
My ultrabook overheats when playing a game at a point where the keys burns my fingers. I choose this one just for the design.
Then who knows, maybe it will have another use with time. But so far I only bought it to play Hitman.



Last but not least, a nice black umbrella from ebay and I change some euros to pounds.


Got tired of my good old and trusty wired Sennheiser Headset and been planning to switch it out with a Wireless model for some time. The only problem is that I have no idea when Sennheiser will release a Wireless Headset and I given up on waiting for that to happen. Also the release of the new GSP 600 and 500 have kinda turned me off. Sure the product sounds amazing and Sennheiser always delivers on quality, but their newer designs…are very gamer and looks like something you would expect to see in a Transformers movie…they are overly complicated and ugly.

↓↓↓↓Just look at this shit↓↓↓↓

So I have chosen to go with Steelseries new Arctis Pro series (first picture) and bought their Wireless version. Plus spec wise it looks good for a wireless headset with an Headphone Frequency Response on 10-40,000 Hz, where my amazing sounding Sennheiser Game Zero got 10-26000 Hz. Also the reviews from Audiophiles have been very kind to the headset and I see that as a good thing. I don’t want to go down on sound and is why I never went for a cheaper wireless headset.

Also I’m able to connect my speakers into the wireless receiver and easily switch between headset and speakers. When I power on the headset it will automatically switch between the two. Where before I had to open up my sound card driver, switch sound profiles and then choose speaker/Headset.

Do there exist better sounding headset? that’s cheaper and will give true audiophiles a mean hardon? yes. But this is also about it being convenient and ease of use and as long as it delivers better or the same audio level as my Sennheiser Game Zeros then I’m more then happy. Plus this is the best sounding wireless gaming headset available.

Using 350 euro on a headset have taken me the last two-three weeks, where I been doing reading reviews, comparing with other headsets and so…but I knew all the time I would end up buying it, it just takes me a while to get read and feel comfortable enough to do so.


The Steelseries are one of the best headsets - especially with gaming! I hope you use them well. :grinning: