What was your last purchase?


I’m yet to receive them, ordered them today through Steelseries homepage. So I expect to get them early / mid week and I can’t wait to try them out.



Treated myself to a birthday present


Happy Birthday @ampburner


I think I orgasmed a bit when seeing that…

Also happy birthday


I bought my first stocks on the NYSE. Planning to invest 2-300 GBP each month from now on.


My dad will be receiving his laptop soon after more than 2 years for waiting and he’ll hand it to me since he has no use for it :smiley: Steam prices are killer in India when compared to the consoles and then there are huge ass discounts pretty much every day, and I told dad to tell the laptop dude to give me one with GTX 1080 imao. Soon realized that would cost 2x dad’s monthly salary so I reduced the graphic card to 1060 lol. So now I can finally play Deus Ex: Human Revolution(after spending more than 150 hours in Mankind Divided), Splinter Cell Series and a lot more at 60fps! Life is good. Dad said in January he’ll get in April(by the end of the month now I think) so I have been buying and collecting games in my Steam library which are at huge discounts. This was my last purchase :blush:


Bought myself some new tracksuit pants


I don’t have it yet, but my next purchase is going to be this Sterling Silver Hitman Ring. I really like it a lot.


If I didn’t know anything about the Hitman series, I’d probably think that was a secret society ring.


I tough many times about making a custom one. But I can’t decide on a design.
I would like something like this with the logo in the middle that is not engraved.
Waiting for IO to come up with something so I can replicate it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LMAO… Right!? :joy:

@badeaguard that’s a great idea actually. I think I may go with the insignia raised

However, I think I may still keep the ring design as is. I just want to keep it simple; making the main focus point on the logo itself.


Do you know where to get that Fleur de Lis ring? That looks amazing.


I’m trying to find it. All I remember was searching on google for men’s ring.


I found by mistake a jacket that is exactly what I was searching for.
I’m in love since I started to watch Breaking Bad with these types of jackets with collar but never till today I found one that appealed to me. It doesn’t cost much but I need to keep a budget till June just in case.
On the other hand I know that if I don’t buy it till a certain time they will run out of them eventually, especially because it can only be found in the USA.

Calvin Klein winter wool coat


Don’t tell me I’m going to see you on wanted posters, man.



Last seen in a Calvin Klein winter wool coat that "he didn’t need"


“Wanted in connection with a drug kingpin who goes by the name “Hindenberg” (it’s not stealing)”


From Amazon… A Schylling yellow Rubber Duck (it looks closest to the one from the game :confused: ), the Yoga Bible, and some Meinl percussion shaker eggs.


It’s gonna be a good weekend :sunglasses:



Just got out of work and stopped off at the liquor store. Bought myself a bottle of Jim Beam.
I usually just drink Jack, but was in the mood for something a little different. Haven’t had Jim in a while. Hope everyone has a great weekend, Cheers!