What was your last purchase?




Holy shit, that looks awesome! How long did it take?


Got it two weeks ago, took me a few sessions (a few days)… pretty fast actually.

Hope that taking it apart will be as easy.


Aww, you got to take this beauty apart? Ah well. Fun while it lasted. :slightly_smiling_face:


just ordered this Shirt, i hope the print has a good quality


If you got it from Redbubble, quality might vary. Official store or trusted retailer, more likely is gonna last a lifetime of care.


It’s hard to pull off gaming and movie tshirts as they tend to be on the cringy side, but this one has a cool 90s Triple Six Mafia aesthetic to it. Looks sick.


Its the Resident Evil 2 Boxart, back when Resident Evil was a good Franchise. Since RE4 its going down the hill with that Franchise…


Just bought Star Wars Episode 1 Racer! Probably the best racer game ever created!

It’s been re-released on GOG, so now it works on modern systems.


For a second I thought this was Star Wars Demolition (basically a star wars reskin of Vigilante 8). Loved that game. But never played the one you actually ment.

Isn’t GOG something about the witcher?


Npw this is pod-racing!

@Supernova, Yes, GOG is a subsidiary of CD Projekt Red, mainly due to them hating DRM so much that they made their own version of steam to sell games and films. (It’s also referenced in the Witcher 3)


Wow, the last time I played that I must’ve been in the womb! It’s remarkable how all these old games are now being made available online.

I recently purchased SWAT 4 from GOG, and played the The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack (which has 6 extra missions, or half the base game) for the first time after never being able to get a physical copy – which frustrated me for years.

It was great exploring new content in a game I’ve enjoyed for over a decade.


I bought it the instant I found out it had been re-released, such a fun game. It still holds up to this day, which is amazing all on it’s own. Glad GOG exists, many great titles from one’s childhood.


Been using my Corsair K70 RBG keyboard for three years now and been fairly happy with it. But I think it’s a tad to long for my taste. So I been looking for a long time on other keyboards like HyperX Alloy Elite RGB, Logitech G610 and Steelseries Apex M750 as well as the one I went with.

I did try out the Steelseries Apex M750, but it wasn’t to my liking, no media keys, didn’t like the Steelseries QX2 mechanical switches (close to red). So after a week I ended up returning it. But luckily one of the keyboards that really caught my attention back then was the Cool Master MK750 keyboard and considerably cheaper then when it was launched in 2017.

The price point and build quality can rival most top tier mechanical keyboards and it comes with some extra accessories like Wired keycap puller, 9 doubleshot pbt keycaps and a magnetic memory foam wrist rest.

So that’s what I decided to buy and give a chance.


Got myself a plushie from the protagonist of Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion, Taiki Kudo, AKA, my one day profile pic after the change of HMF servers.

What can I say. I really like kind hearted, good samaritan, excessively optimistic, cheerful and bit-of-Gary-Stu characters who dress in a way that I can’t decide if its way too cool or way too dorky.


Bought some trees for the house I’m about to buy.


I bought 2 things online.

One which is this bag that I went insane to find one on the internet. I was looking for a bag like this, simple design in cotton to use it when going at the beach so I can put inside my Hitman towel, some change clothes and maybe a soda.
Finally I came across this which is guaranteed to be handmade. Or at least so does it says. All black and simple with no designs cartoons on it.

Last purchase is this nice umbrella. I already bought one last month but I want another one in my car just in case.

Then since is salary day I’m taking my best friend to see Avengers Infinity War. For me is the second time :grin:


I bought a samsung galaxy s9 for 550€🤔


Twisted Tea and a slice of pizza with bacon sausage ham onions mushrooms olives and cheese


What is wrong with me?