What was your last purchase?


Absolutely nothing… just a dedicated Hitman fan! :joy: I’ll be doing the same, so I guess we both have something wrong with us lol just think… Money given to IO is money well spent!


I just bought a Sony XF75 (49 inches 4K HDR Android TV) and contracted TV internet and phone for my new home with what I’ve save so far working here.

Same time of work back in Venezuela would have probably ment two kilos of chicken.

I’m quite unnacustomed to being able to actually afford anything with a salary. So here’s hoping I actually begin saving instead of reckless spending because so far earning money seems super easy by comparisson. Nonetheless a TV and some fiber are a must so it was an alright investment.


Congratulations man. So how does it seem life in Europe so far? Do you like it? Have you made any friends?


I do like it. I think it’s how things should be. First things first, not having to worry about getting killed when you go out, not having money for food or not having equipment in hospitals. From then it’s quality of life. The people are much more private yet just as warm in the end. Services like transportation or electricity are priced adequately and serve flawlessly. Education is amazing too, kids here can grow up to have hope. In general just a bunch of things most people consider a given but some of us don’t get…

On the friends side, can’t say that I have. As I said I find Europeans warm but private. I must say I’ve gotten to know better the venezuelans from the supermarket and the hardware shop that are close by better than any coworkers having spent much more time with the latters.

And as of going out, haven’t found my type of club yet and I’m just about to go to my first tour of Madrid since I came here just tomorrow because it’s a day off work. I’m just comfortable at home and I have realized that eating, drinking or watching a movie outside is a massive expense compared to how it was back in my own country. It may surprise you to know that eating a hot dog on the street vendor was cheaper than to buy the ingredients to make one yourself. Here it couldn’t be any more of an extreme opposite.


oh yea. Going out a night might cost something to 50 € if you don’t find a girl to offer a drink.
Glad everything is going well for you :slight_smile:


I just bought my first set of Whisky glasses. Will keep 2 at home and another 2 at my work in my room just in case for a “romantic approach”.
Can some one also suggest a good brand? I like to mix it with redbull or cola. I tried only Johnny Walker because that’s what a coworker of mine likes.

My best friend’s birthday is in 20 days. He gave me a new playstation for my birthday. I wanted to gift him something equally paid but I have no idea what.
He has a motorcycle and this thing will be very useful for him since he likes to ride a lot and far sometimes.
I just hope it holds on high speed.

Last minute idea to make a combo gift for necessary things


I don’t drink but I think you definetly want a whisky to go with your whisky glasses. Glenfiddich seems to be popular.


Get either Irish whiskey or Scotch whiskey, because why stop short of the very best? Some good brands are Glenfiddich (as said by Silvereye), Cooley, and Connacht.


I’m a big fan of whisky, I prefer to drink it pure, even without ice because of it’s taste. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try many different brands yet. - But cool glasses!


Nice glasses!

(As HMF’s resident whisky connoisseur :yum: I’ll lend my 2 cents)

If you’re adding it with coke anyway then you don’t want to spend too much… Johnnie Walker red label is fine for mixing, as is any blended Scotch or Irish… if you want to change it up a bit, you could add a bourbon… Bulleit, Makers Mark or Buffalo Trace are also good mixers.
If you do eventually want to step it up a bit, Highland park or Glenfiddich 12 yr olds are good starting points as straight whiskies with a splash of water.

On a related note, I just added this to my collection…

(I must stress though -at 58% abv and very smoky this is NOT a beginner’s whisky!)

Also bought this t-shirt (one of my fave '90s bands)…


If you ask my father and uncle then Glenfiddich is not for drinking, they are just pretty collectibles. I would say if you are going to drink Scotch, then get a real whiskey glass and not a bourbon glass / American Whiskey Glass. But I and my dad can recommend Highland Park.

That said like my father I also highly enjoy Jack Daniels, unlike my father I like to mix it with Coke. He doesn’t need to know that.


Like I say, I don’t drink. I only buy whisky for my friends occasionally and just ask the clerk in the Edinburgh whisky shop for recommendations.


i recommend you to drink Rum instead :grin:


@badeaguard ignore @mrochoa, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about; a real man mixes whiskey and vodka.

(Just kidding Ochoa, you know I don’t mean that.)


Thats true, i tried some Whiskys, some cheap, and some expensive (i was on Whisky-Tasting with my Exgirlfriends Dad once), but i just dont like that stuff - i just prefer Rum…and Beer of course - i’m still German :wink:




we really need Season 2 here :joy:


Exactly! We could drink alcohol and blend in at the same time.


Not sure where to post this, I figure this is the right thread.

Google play is offering Hitman a Sniper for free (0.99 USD savings).


I wonder if this is how a hitman passes his Friday night.
Movies, whiskey, playstation and pizza.