What was your last purchase?


What kind did you go with?


Johnny Walker Red with Cola


This popped up on Imgur, I thought it was relevant.


I finally bought this kimono off the Dustrial website after eyeballing it for a looong time. Will be great for the summer though


that’s some of the coolest shit I’ve seen in a while. great purchase


Hey that kimono got a picture of Price from Bladerunner on it! also cool.


Bought this last week because the same GPU cooler broke.


you savage!

No drink coaster???


My last purchase was 2 speeding tickets one of 46€ and another of 133€ plus 3 points on my driving licence all in the same day coming back from the Avengers movie :grin:
Last time I lost points was in 2011.

I have a question for @Th3m4trixX how’s the S9? I looked at some reviews that says the camera is bad in the dark or something like that and that thr S8 is still better than the S9.
I want to buy a new phone because the Nokia is really sh***. It lags some times, apps stop working that you need to restart the phone quite often to make them work. So here I want to go back to Samsung.




Photos in the dark aren’t as sharp as you might want them to be, but its not bad. I cannot compare them to the s8 though, only to my girlfriends iphone 8.
Besides that, photos in the daylight are awesome, they have lots of detail and are really sharp.
Regarding the lags on your nokia, i have not experienced any yet. The phone is smooth, fast and the battery is ok.

Id post pictures but I’m currently not at home, and the internet is crap


What are thooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose!

naw but really what are those tho?


So… do you suggest it? Is it worth it? I have time till tomorrow to decide if s8 or s9. I’m buying it with a monthly payment because I don’t have the cash to pay it in full. So better this way. The price on the 8 is tempting


Here’s the link, this isn’t the exact colour.


I’d definitely recommend it, but if the s8 is really that much cheaper, then go for that. How much cheaper is it exactly?


Well s9 is at 899€ and s8 at 650€ or something like that


Alright, if you dont care about stuff like the fingerprint- sensor position and the small design refinements then go for the s8. But if you like to take pictures and videos alot then the s9 might be worth the extra money, since it has the dual aperture lens and 960fps slowmotion :thinking:

Hope this helped a bit, these decisions are always hard :smiley:


Thank you, I been reading reviews all day so far. Will tell you tomorrow or after tomorrow for what I went for.


Good :smiley: you can’t really go wrong with any of them


Well… I made my mind. Bought it at 700 €
Photo taken with it.