What was your last purchase?


Yes, very nice :smiley: 2020


I finally got the Gaya Agent 47 statue to add to my Hitman collection. :smiley:

Edit: Damn. My 47 looks crossed eyed. :frowning:



Lol, my one’s cross-eyed too, I think they’re all like that! :crazy_face:


Oh cool you got the “special” 47…you know the one who would not be allowed to leave the Asylum.


He’s just aiming with both his guns simultaneously.


Purchased after my GF broke my ICA logo keyring, fancied a change!


Nice. Those who dont know it think it is some illuminati stuff lol


Never thought of that lol not many people asked about the ICA logo one either, should be sweet :joy:


That’s not 47. That’s one of the clones from the early stages. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just bought these, haven’t made them myself but big shout out to Darren made a cracking job!



Wow nice. But I think having the handles colored like fiber wire handles and a shiny line connecting them had been a nice thing too. Still it looks dope!


The possibilities are endless if you know what youre doing, unfortunately I don’t lol


I take it that’s from a non-Silent Assassin run? :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to complete my Resident Evil collection so I purchased 1 and 2 for ps1. Forgot how good they are! Can’t beat the classics I find the gameplay just so much more enjoyable.



Bought the Holy grail of Star Wars movies, the 2006 special editions that includes the original cinema version of the Original Trilogy. It ended up costing me 74 eur (86 Dollars) with shipping and all, normally the three films cost the same without the steelbox and I have seen the steel box version go for 200-335 eur (235-392 dollars).

I’m looking forward to seeing the original cuts again, haven’t seen them since my childhood.


i think the SE Scences are a nice extention to the Movie, i only hate the new Jabbas Palace Music Scene (the old Song was damn catchy :slight_smile: ) and the replacement of the old Vader Force Ghost with Hayden Christianson, because it doesnt make any sense.
And i still dont get why Jabba has yellow Eyes in the CGI Scene in ANH, that bugs the shit out of me :unamused:


I like a lot of the changes that came with the special edition and some of them also robbed the magic of the original cut, like Han not shooting first. I look forward to seeing the originals again, haven’t seen them since they were on VHS.


Bit of a surprise the guy also chucked in a stand for me to complete the collection, looks quality!


strange, I don’t see Revenge of the Sith in that photo…