What was your last purchase?


Neither did the Jedi before it was to late :wink:


from my point of view the jedi are evil



I was very skeptical on buying that statue, as I thought the pictures looked horrible and nothing like 47. Seeing it in better quality I still feel the same. He didn’t look cross-eyed in photos from other sites. But knowing now that he does (and that’s probably how all of them are made) I don’t think I will be getting this one. The statue looks bad, no offense lol


Anyway, my last purchase was last night. Gonna have some later this evening…

I really like my bourbon, but never had this particular brand. I figured I would change it up a bit from my regular JD. I bought Wild Turkey 101 because of all the great reviews I have read about it.

Hope it’s good, I’m looking forward to trying it later. It was only $30.00 so not a big deal if it’s bad. We will see





@AGENT4T7 I as well didn’t buy it for that reason. Body shape looks good but the face is bad.

There are people on the internet that could adjust the face with paint making it more realistic or tutorials.


@Vinnie_Sinistra lmao :joy:

@badeaguard that just looks too much like work hahaha.

I don’t know, every statue or figure I see of 47 looks bad. I don’t understand how it’s so hard for companies to make a decent looking 47, I mean it’s not like it should be that hard. I see some figures of more complex looking characters, and they make them look like the actual real person (for example the Kiefer Sutherland figure from the TV show 24)

I bought the Abs figure a few years back and was a bit disappointed as it didn’t look how it looked in photos. I ended up just getting the “cartoon” looking 47 figure (with the two Silverballers) and called it a day lol

I’d kill for a decent Agent 47 that actually looked like him. Apart from having one custom made by a real professional (which would probably be very expensive) I don’t think it will happen though…


Received a bottle of this as a gift, one for the gin drinkers, I’ve had it before and its become my favourite, although very expensive! and yes the reason I did first try this gin was the name! and why not :smiley:


I’m chilling at my group of friends share house to watch E3 and take some time off work for a few days.
So I purchased this for when we get morbidly intoxicated to watch E3 and I need a place to sleep it off.


We really need a Hot Toys 47!

I have quite a few 47 figures, and you’re right, the mini absolution figure is probably the best one that’s been released so far!


Yeah lol I’m hopeful though… perhaps one day we will finally see a 47 figure that actually does him justice.


ask your friends if I can join :metal:


I collect these serial killer coins from a merchant who goes by Professor Tooth, the sixth and most recent part of my collection was ol’ Bundy!


Hey @ampburner! Do you need a new Lego Technic set?

If you do, this one is brand new and it’s pretty cool :grinning::




I’m restarting work Sunday, so I gotta get prepared with some new gear. Normal work, nothing related to hitman besides the imagination in killing the assholes clients.

And of course I preordered Hitman 2 via Gamestop because I want that steel box. The 99 € edition. I don’t like the merchandise they have to offer with this one.


You know I preordered Hitman 2.


Happy cakeday! I just pre-ordered Hitman 2 as well :sunglasses:


Just ordered this equipment for gym. Will need it when doing deeps and pull ups.


looks more like some BDSM Gadget :joy:


Well, it does have many uses :sweat_smile: