What was your last purchase?


Suuuure. That’s definitely what you’ll be using it for. :wink:


Happy Fathers Day to Me! Just bought myself Hitman 2 Gold Edition!


I’ve read that apparently the Steam Summer Sale maybe starting on June 21 due to a database leak. If true, I imagine I will be making one or two purchases off of it.

Article here, but it is Polygon: https://www.polygon.com/2018/5/9/17335326/steam-summer-sale-2018-date-leak-steamdb


I’ve spent half my life savings on $SOGO stocks. YOLO.

Edit.: Well, fuck.


At least you didn’t buy into Theranos.


Hahaha brutal. I’m still hopeful for Shogou, might pay off in the long.


And here I thought it would be another gun… hahaha.


Not the one for H2016 with 47 sitting in a chair with the suppressed silverballer? I thought that one looked good.


Enough guns for the moment. Now only 3D printing prototypes. Will be back with one major update on my replica next month


It’s a nice pose, but the face is really poor, doesn’t look anything like 47 from season 1 (although to be fair, 47 looked different in just about every S1 iteration anyway)

Bushy eyebrows and aqua-marine eyes…bad mold and even worse paint job, it’s still a cool little addition to any hitman collection, but when you think about what Hot Toys could produce, 47 deserves something better.




Well I think the best one overall to date with actual cloth made clothes would be the one by Sideshow. But that’s only if you really liked 47’s look in HITMAN BLOOD MONEY



Damn that thing still costs a lot.

I remember watching it way back in 2008 if not 2007.


Dayumn, That face looks like a slim Michael Chiklis.


Actually, I thought he looks a bit like F1 legend Michael Schumacher.
Though the concept art for HITMAN BLOOD MONEY’s 47 had the near exact same look.



Can’t wait for them to come :jeans::peace_symbol:


Yep, Sideshow one is def the best to date (I unfortunately never managed to get my hands on that one) Outside of that of course there’s the big six foot ones like that sitting in IOI headquarters, I know Amp has one and maybe a few others on here.
I also remember on the old forum someone made a custom one as well which was pretty cool.


I bought a new Microphone!


Just some Hot Wheel cars for my collection. I got nearly 200 cars now!


Preordered Hitman 2 Gold edition.


Prepare your wallets: the Steam Summer Sale may be starting today.