What was your last purchase?



i applied for Vacation at work, a full week from Nov 9th and next week i’ll pre order the Gold Edition - i’m ready for a fuckin great November!


Empire from the total war series, good choice on an intro lol :slight_smile:


Just bought mario tennis on Switch while I’m on lunch. Looking forward to getting back from work to play this evening


I just bought Hitman Absolution on steam hoping it will work on the lowest graphic settings possible.

I haven’t used steam in 4 years I think.


Because I like Absolution.

Any way. Game works on the lowest settings. I’m happy about that but I need to get used on playing on a keyboard and mouse.
I’m very comfortable on a pc with the old hitman games. But this one will take some time.


I dont get you. You previously said that you play absolution on your samsung. Did you buy this game again? If you have problem to use k&m you can buy yourself a gamepad. You can use it in all games apart from hc47.


Yes but that was long long time ago on an account I can’t even remember the username.


Afaik you have a PS4 right?

You should be able to play Absolution with the PS4 Controller


I forgot about that… Thank you


I can’t wait to play HITMAN 2 on this.


Rampage 4K
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 2 blu-ray
Yakuza Kiwami 2 steelbook
Spider-Man PS4


Oh shit did I miss something? Hitman 2 coming to PS4???

Edit: oh shit just realized you probably meant the new game. Nevermind me lol


Thats why i hate it so much. IO - give your Games NUMBERS or NAMES!

Codename 47
Silent Assassin
Blood Money



To be fair, when they made Contracts, I think it would of been tough to call it Hitman 3 considering how half the game was a remake of half of Codename 47. But yeah, the whole reboot thing they did with Hitman is pretty silly, especially when it isn’t actually a reboot.


How we call HITMAN 2 on the forums is less of a concern compared to the confusion it creates with players searching for content/information.
For example, the majority of YouTube videos about the latest game have been put under the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin category.


I just call it Hitman Season One & Season 2 to prevent confusion


I will call it “The game formerly known as Hitman Season 2”.


Just pre ordered Hitman 2 Gold Edition on Amazon, does anyone knows when i get my code for Sniper Assassin?


Within 24 hours definitely, Amazon are normally pretty good