What was your last purchase?


allright, thanks. i never pre-ordered a game with such a code thats why i dont know this stuff.i bought Absolutions Sniper Challenge as a Retailbox in a store :joy:



Just bought this :sunglasses:

And this nice looking cover for my phone


Gonna learn me some German.



It’s a great starting point - Viel Glück (good luck) :smiley:


Well, seems that I bought Humble Monthly bundle for another three months … forgot to cancel it. Damn it!
But I also bought Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Kiwami for 15 Euros each!

Ahh, die leckere Erdbeermilch!


Gruß aus Deutschland!



Ein Deutschmann ist ein gut Mann


I actually guessed/understood this one… the game is working! :stuck_out_tongue:


Correct would be “Ein deutscher Mann ist ein guter Mann“. But dont be frustrated, german is a difficult Language and many Germans cant use it properly either :joy:


Choices of Games game Congresswolf. Kinda boring TBH, 2/5.

If you mean any kind of purchase, a $1 coffee drink at my school canteen.


Das ist wohl wahr. Die deutsche Sprache kann wirklich verwirrend sein. Es ist aber schön auch mal auf Deutsch hier zu schreiben.


Ja, genau. Englisch ist viel leichter lol. :wink:


Purchased this just for co op. Hopefully one day we’ll see co op in Hitman.


Latest whisky pickup.

Reminds me of @Kent 's forum sig… might have to pour myself a glass and watch some classic “Hitchslaps” :smile:


Tell me if its any good. :slight_smile:


Lol, will do, Douglas Laing in general tend to make very good whiskies, so I’m confident it will be :wink:


I booked 2 appointments in the same day for 2 separate physiotherapists.

One is for the bones. The spine in particular. I have back problem since a lot of time now. But I can do heavy lifts and all but I feel blocked most of the time when doing nothing. A couple of cracks should adjust me.
The other one is for muscle tissue.


My old headphones broke (the part where the headband is fused/glued to the housing) so I had to buy new ones. I came up with these, HyperX Cloud Alpha. I think they look good, they are very comfortable when wearing them and the sound (music and gaming) is really good. So I’m pleased and happy with it!

Also bought in the steam sale American Truck simulator (+ Heavy Cargo):cowboy_hat_face: and Rainbow Six Siege.


I’m about to buy the Oneplus 5t since the audio jack port in my Galaxy S7 have begun to malfunction and repairing it is to expensive for two year old phone. Is there anyone on the forum who got experience with the Oneplus 5 or 5t? or any other Oneplus products.

I heard a lot of good about the phone, but I wanted to see if any of you fine lads would recommend it, before I buy it.


Mein Gott! Ist “Danke Schön!” :stuck_out_tongue: