What was your last purchase?


I’m about to buy the Oneplus 5t since the audio jack port in my Galaxy S7 have begun to malfunction and repairing it is to expensive for two year old phone. Is there anyone on the forum who got experience with the Oneplus 5 or 5t? or any other Oneplus products.

I heard a lot of good about the phone, but I wanted to see if any of you fine lads would recommend it, before I buy it.


Mein Gott! Ist “Danke Schön!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Bought the OnePplus 5t 64 GB version

Sadly my old Samsung S7 audio Jack Port is defect and i’m not going to spend 50 eur to repair and 2 year old phone. So hearing a lot of good about Oneplus and their more affordable price for Flagship phones, I decided to go that route.

I could have spend a bit more getting the newer OnePlus 6, but sadly that phones comes with one of the things I hate most about phones…that the back of the body is also made of glass, it’s just another thing to break. I hated that my old Samsung Galaxy S7 had a glass backside.

So this time I decided to pay less for their old Flagship phone that had a metal body. It’s not like it’s a slow phone in anyway, the 5t can give the iPhone X a run for it’s money.


I purchased this a few weeks ago but I just now got around to washing it out.
Haven’t used it yet but I will be breaking it in soon enough.

Since I live in a police state that denies personal liberties I need to carry my medicine discretely.

Me myself, personally I like to use the hiding in plain sight method. I feel people over look what is obvious to them-but I digress.



Got it for no more than 20 bucks. Now what I like about it is that it has serious weight to it-it feels like a full can of soda. Also notice the detail in the can-the scratches the little dents, the signs of imperfection of an old can. I am very pleased with this purchase and while not TSA proof I can see myself using this on the road and on the train. It’s smell proof so you can keep it in that small pouch outside of most book bags.

Even after the end of prohibition I will still use this can, it tickles my fancy.


A new bookcase for my CD’s. Eventually I’ll get a iPod but for now, I use this for holding my music.

Overdue for some new headphones, though my old ones lasted over six years so I got good use out of them.

Needed more storage space on my Xbox so I bought this too.


I bought my self a pair of driving gloves from BMW. Can’t wait to have them but at the same time can’t wait to wear them in winter.

A couple of days ago I bought a new pair of running shoes from Nike. They feel wonderful and apparently I found out why my tibia hurt so much when running. The sole was too hard, instead this one is much softer and the problem of that pain went away for now.
But there is a problem when running on terrain.


Those shoes look dope man.


I wanted them black. But my number was out so I bought them military green.
They are very confy so far. I wonder if they can last me 2 years at least.


Spent over $200 on a plumber to come by today to fix my broken toilet. :frowning:


Oh damn… are you sure the dude was really a plumber? :flushed:

He didn’t look like this, did he?


Steelseries Rival 600

I wasn’t actually in the market for a new mice, but my “old” one kinda forced my hand. After having the Rival 310 for around a half year, it began to double clicks on the right trigger. Which isn’t very useful in shooters when you try and aim down sight…which is what i mainly play. So I digged up the recit and went back to the store and told them how it was.

They said I could go in and pick a new or something with the same price tag. This sadly wasn’t first Rival 310, but my second. The first one had the exact same problem, but on the left trigger and it showed after a couple of months of use. Looking up the problem on the internet, i’m far from the only one with this problem when it comes to Rival 300 series.

So I decided to pick up it’s big brother Rival 600. Overall better quality and from what my research have shown, doesn’t suffer from the double click problem. Luckily for me, one of my old friends work in the store and I asked him if he could give me some discount, since this was my second rival 310 from that store.

Sadly he could not give me the Rival 600 to the same price as the 310. But he 6,7 eur/7,8 dollar price reduction. In the end I had to pay 6.7 eur instead of 9,62 eur/11 dollars. All in all i’m happy with my purchase and the body is reminiscent enough of the 310, so it won’t be a big difference.

Sadly the 310 was my all time favorite mice and it saddens me I had to switch it out.