What was your last purchase?


You go Kingsman!! Is that a black baller handle on your umbrella??


Story of my life mate :joy::joy: always spending


Nope, it’s just a wooden grip. The Blackballer has a tactical one very similar to this



Guys, I think I outdid you all in the overspending department this month.
Say hello to my new baby bumblebee

(complete with a decal from one of my favorite video game franchises!)


You know, I didn’t think I’d like the new Camaros until I drove one. They’re a lot of fun.

Nothing too special I guess, but I really love these pens - built in stylus, rulers, level and tiny screwdriver bits. I took the one I had back home from work, and missed it so much I had to order another.


Speaking of the Blackballer, I just purchased these grips before they run out again.
I do intend to replicate it again in the future so I rather be prepared.

These grips are called Strike Industries 1911 Grips and they were discounted at 15€


Isn’t the Blackballer and ICA19 the same weapon?

The ICA19 (nicknamed the “Blackballer” by the community) is a handgun featured in HITMAN™.


No no no no no no no, this is bad this is really bad; Badeaguard is on the rampage.


At least he didn’t tag Badeaguard, so don’t worry @badeaguard will not notice this post:

Hahahah, no he won’t, it’s just a funny thing going on here on this forum, because “every” time someone is asking this he will explain to you the difference and will do it with loads of info and pictures :smiley:.


Will badeaguard kill me? Just because I asked a question?
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badeaguard liked our messages. We’re doomed!

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I don’t have it yet, but this will be joining my coin collection shortly.

…he’s my favourite!!!


Well after many patches and discounts… finally…


Now I’m just at the very start… literally less than 2 hours into the game. I want to address this issue. You will see on Reddit even today a lot of people complaining that the character creator is bad, particularly at making female characters. You might have heard people saying things like the custom females always look like monsters or men in drag…

People particularly complained about the system’s inability to make workable custom caucasian blonde females.

So… Challenge Accepted.

I did this on my first attempt.

I found the character creator was tricky, and that the lighting model in the character editor flatters your character a bit so you might be unaware that something is going to go bad…but it can play into your hands if you are a bit familiar with making cg characters in animation and if you’ve ever used UE4, you kind of know how to customize characters to hit a sweet spot.




There’s also the occasional “I bought a burrito today” or something.


Is it a good game, I have been watching that for a while?


The combat is not bad. But a lot of other things can wear you out.

First off there are at least 4 forms of in-game currency/resource point metrics to keep track of, and a 2-part crafting system layered right on top of that which uses what looks like every material in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Then there’s all the sidequests… then the fidgety planetary buggy driving…If you’ve gone through the story of the first 3 games, you’ll start feeling bored after the first planet story arc finishes, since basically it starts to feel like a retread of story themes from those games. It’s not that those threads were bad, it’s just that we’ve already explored the “Question of Synthetics” for three whole adventures. It doesn’t feel like much needed to be said beyond that.

If you messed up your custom Ryder and “hate that face”… I can also see it messing up the game big time.

But it’s not a bad game. The key actually is to cut down the game yourself. There’s people, for example, who choose to go through the game without crafting anything, or doing zero sidequests. Taking in the whole is a bit too much.


I just saw the WB logo on the cover and an imagination came in my head about 47 eating a carrot and asking the scientists in Sapienza What’s up doc?

Please some one photoshop Bugs bunny in a suit with the Silverballers :joy: