What will happen to all the map categories on HMF?

What will happen to all map categories of Hitman 2016 s1 if season 2 releases? Will they be deleted, and a “Season 1” category will be opened? Or will they just be deleted, and everything will be discussed in “Hitman 2016”? Sorry if I missed any information, I’m just wondering.

I believe all the map categories will be the same, and new maps will be added onto the ‘destinations’ tab.

Edit: I apologise, I assumed you were talking about the game, not the forum. Yes, this should be in the Meta categroy, and yes, they will probably all go under a season 1 category when season 2 is realeased.

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Is this a thread about the forum’s categories? If so it should be a Meta thread.

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Could be changed into Season 1 and Season 2

The issue with this however, is that discourse only support one level subcategory. This would mean you couldn’t put game level categories within season categories.

Just keep adding map level categories within hitman 2016 would work.

Another idea is to creat a new category
Example Hitman (2018)

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You’re right, sorry.

EDIT: Now its back under Hitman 2016? I dont know what’s going on. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: And… now its back under META. Ok I will stop telling you now :grimacing:

Changed title so it’s clear to everyone that we’re discussing HMF and in Meta.

I think that they should stay the same, what if they go to Sapienza in Hitman S2? 2 Sapienza categories under a S1 and S2 or all under one location?

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Good question. I totally agree with the changing of the title, thank you for that, but why is everyone changing the category again and again? Hitman 16>Meta>Hitman 16>Meta??

No problem :slight_smile: and no clue mate. You, the OP said this was about HMF and the categories of the map here so it belongs in the Meta category.

I looked, seems that HHCHunter changed it from first glance assuming it was about maps cateogies in game like the menu screen instead of HMF.

A quick title addition should fix any confusion now :slight_smile:

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Ok, good to know. :smile: