What will happen to each character?

What’s gonna happen to each character?

My guess:
47, Diana will stay alive.
Grey will die. (Death of Edwards is obvious)
No idea on Olivia.

Share your thoughts!


World collapses and humanity dies in the very end of HITMAN 3.
Just like a nuclear explosion easter egg in Absolution


WTF :neutral_face: Think about happy stuff :joy:

47 kills Olivia, Grey kills Diana, 47 kills Grey and while he stands there looking at the dead body, he gets knocked out from behind and awakes in a padded cell where he hears a voice from a speaker: Wake up, wake up my friend! it’s the dawn of a new day and you have things to do!


Next game is Codename 47 HD.


I hope Diana will stay alive. I do not get why most of the people wants that diana should die. In my opinion Diana is the most important character after 47. A Hitman game without Diana would be a strange Hitman game.

my thoughts:

Grey dies (killed by 47)

Diana lives.

Olivia dies (killed by Grey… maybe because of betrayal)

Agent 47 dies (just joking)

The Constant will be alive, or injured by 47, and we will see him again in the next Hitman game.


This is the conclusion. What next game?

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This goes against what IO have said about the story, it will have a definitive conclusion.

Every character will have an ending to make for a clean slate for the next game. The constant has to die, Lucas and Olivia have a little bit more freedom but should probably die as well.

Killing either 47 or Diana means that the next game would either have to be a hard reboot, or a prequel


…to Diana?

Since they have fucked up the overall Story with their HITMAN Trilogy anyways, they can just restart from Codename 47.

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I didn’t know that, sorry and thanks.

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They will. I have a good feeling about it.

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Agree about story. But the overall experience was FANTASTIC!

i absolutely agree, Hitman is better than ever, all my complaints are nitpicks.
i just wish they Story Part would be at least on the level of C47-BM.

Back to topic:

47 and Diana will survive, for sure. All others will die.


Exactly. But I’m not sure about Olivia.

Olivia could just disappear and play no role any more in Hitman franchise.


not a bad idea. But she is announced as a main character.




She’ll probably die somehow.

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Diana will trick 47 to kill Grey. This way she gets revenge for the hit on their parents while punishing and keeping 47 as her agent. This makes Olivia be the final knot to untie but as she is clever she contacts the ICA and informs them about all details of this private war of Grey against Providence and Diana helping him.
This results in Olivia taking Diana’s place in the Agency and 47 is ordered to be her agent now to take down Diana.
But the whole story about being just a tool and the memory juice making him realize he does have a bit of personality and emotions and wishes, he forgives Diana. They will fake her death and trick the ICA and arrange a meeting with Olivia and 47 to kill her.
But unknown to the two, Olivia already reported Diana’s death being staged and if she dies that confirms 47 being a traitor.
This makes the final level being the ICA facility to take down the board in a super hard 5-target mission.
With Providence and the ICA down the world has the chance to change to something better. But this time without 47 and Diana who separate and retire.
Then the Absolution credits play.


For the credits, yeah. The other, why not. Anything is possible so why hold in wild guesses? :wink: