What worries me about H3


Idk if H3 will be like H2, in the way of legacy packs… But id like it to be it like that.

However, what most worries me… Is that I dont want to grind another 120 levels on sniper maps, even less in mp sniper maps… And while id like to replay most of the challenges again, I dont want at all to be trying to put a corpse in the roof for 2 hours, or shooting 30 pigeons or collecting 30 coins around the map AGAIN … So please, these things… Dont bring them back…They shouldnt even be in the game



What do you get by doing these?



Probably nothing… I like to have things 100% completed but I dont like the pure nonsense grind or the extreme luck based ones.



It will be integrated into HITMAN 2.

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Yeah, I don’t think they’ll make us unlock everything again, that would be mean to have to do it for TWO games. Let’s just trust it will either be in the existing launcher OR a duplicate which has our info transferred over (Because we already found out they were able to transfer our data to Legacy the first time around, they just chose not to so we’d go back and play it all).



Seriously !? Now that’s cold…



Honestly id like to replay everything again, just not those achievements… Or the bangkok mirror one… there are more but i dont want to remember them.



The only 2 reasons that H1 location mastery and unlocks was split from the original game was because IO wanted players to earn experience that they otherwise would’ve missed on and that Square Enix still owned Hitman 2016.

It’s extremely unlikely that they’ll create Season 3 as it’s own game, and even if it did, IO could easily transfer data since H2 and H3 would both be owned by WB.



I see Hitman 2 having a content stream from 2018-2020. During late 2020 is when the content should be expected to Slow down so they can focus development on H3. I’d hope they have a content transfer for H3 because when H2 came out I played it like this.

Played Only Paris till I got Mastery 20
Played Sapienza till I got Mastery 20

I continued this until the Undying came out and let me tell you I was up till the late hours playing Isle unable to do specific challenges. If they do another Legacy Pack I will say it now. I don’t think I can grind out 12 Map’s alongside the bonus missions again…



Completely agree. The season 1 content was a lot but do-able, but the idea of having to do all of S1 and 2 again makes me feel Ill.



A bit OT:

I never understood a thing.

Back then when Square Enix has sold the entire hitman franchise IOI decided to buy themselves. But now with WB, they are still the main “owners” of hitman? Because in that case i don’t see any problems to have HITMAN 3 on the same game.



I don’t mind playing challenges again. I love the sound of a challenge being checked off during the mission so much I wish I could manually reset them and do them over and over again.

But not the Bangkok coin challenge. I wish to keep that one intact.

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Surely you would rather pick Tuppence A Wish than Slam Dunk.

Honestly Idk why everyone is complaining about Tuppence A Wish in H2. Yes the coin physics is a bit strange but all you have to do is bounce 12-13 coins off of the mirror and have it land anywhere in the water.
It’s not like it resets if one coin gets stuck.
I just stood in one position and threw all coins in one go. 10% of them got stuck but I still got it

Moving on to H3. I think it’ll be in Hitman 2 so we’ll have all 3 seasons in one game. Since thry dubbed it The World Of Assassination and read some people saying that it’s the current plan.
If anything changes and if they have to make a new seperare game. Our progress from Legacy & H2 should transfer to H3



I think it depends on personal experience and on how lucky you got.

I got the Slam Dunk challenge on my first try after having read the reports about how the FE were nowhere near as powerful. I guess I got lucky with the positioning and the amount of FE’s I had collected, but I didn’t even need to reload my save because I got it immediately. But even if it didn’t, somehow the act of making a big explosion, even when its intended effect fails to be produced, is a lot more exciting to me than throwing coins at a wall hoping they will bounce back :-p

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I got it on my 9-12 try. Used a baseball explosion aimed to her head. Had her laid down on her back with her head facing the opposite door of where Oybek does his ritual.
I never want to do it again :joy: