What would you want as a featured contract idea?

for me a great idea i came up with would be one surrounding the idea of clowns. i have a few ideas on what to do with such a concept but won’t say just to surprise others.

I was just thinking while playing these Pirate-themed contracts. Why not a Ninja Theme?

But if we do those 2 things then a Zombie theme would be (just as) likely to happen.


yeah. a ninja theme would be one hell of a creation fest.


I have some:
Historic Hitman Contracts based on historical events
Sneaky Sniping sniper stuff
Movie Murderer Kills from movies
Blood Bath Contracts with the most gore/blood, halloween event
Brawling bastard Punch people
Rainbows and Unicorns Cute contracts
Heist The title says it all
Community Memes killer Allan Please add details to this very large casino
Freelance criminal Way for IOI to “steal” some ideas :wink:
Speedruning speed fast stuff