Whatever happened to the Sarajevo Six?

I am aware that for HITMAN (2016), this was a PlayStation exclusive, but is it possible to bring them into HITMAN 2 so everyone can enjoy them?

Pretty sure IO have confirmed they won’t be making a return in Hitman 2. Unfortunately


Yes it’s confirmed, they are not coming back.
But hopefully we’ll get another kind of content similar to it :+1:

I’m fascinated at what deal they must of signed for exclusivity. You’d think it would be a timed deal, like say after 1 year they could be come to Xbox and PC, rather than for eternity. I’d be amazed if anyone at Sony would want to fight to keep exclusivity on a tiny amount of content for a game which is a few years old now.

Personally, perhaps after Hitman 3 comes out, and the new line of consoles come out too, and we see a complete edition of Hitman 1-3, it would be great to see the Sarajevo Six included in that too.


I’m pretty sure that is almost exactly what happened. This wasn’t a case of timed DLC like with Destiny.

The conditions when making these Sony deals for “truly exclusive DLC” must be ironclad in its language about not going to other platforms. We also see this with the PlayStation exclusive DLC for various Assassin’s Creed games that never arrived on other platforms.

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What happened to the Sarajevo Six?

47 killed them, that’s what.


I was hoping for something like these six targets in Season 2. The Tibetan Ten, or something, but I guess they didn’t get around to it.


Now, here’s a thing. I have an Xbox and so never encountered these guys. Is it possible for people to sort-of recreate the kills in contracts mode? I presume not, I suppose they work like Elusive Targets in many ways, but . . . see what I mean? Maybe nonsense, probably is but just in case . . .

We like to call these Special Assignments.


I believe they have all been killed under mysterious circumstances


tbh The Sarajevo Six weren’t that great - and IO seemingly treated the content as an after thought. The story was good, the execution was terribad.

Almost every single one was released extremely buggy, with the only assassination challenge glitched and completely broken upon first release. Hell, The Director (the Paris target) had his entire route glitched for over a year until they finally fixed it and he would go up to the attic as intended.

Settle down back there, China :joy:

Fixed. just kidding :grin:


If they were to never return , personally , I would lose no sleep! They were so bad…

Damn sony and their exclusives :frowning:

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I’m pretty sure no one enjoyed them.


I did. I enjoyed all of them.

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It’s a joke man, google word joke, you will be amazed0_0

That burnt so much I thought I was going to need a doctor :laughing:


No need to apologise! I’m quite happy with it. Well, them, I have four (360, One, One S, One X). Especially happy with the X and how it works so well with the Samsung telly and soundbar. I suppose they had to do that to compete with Sony on that front.

I think the bonus connor level in AC liberations is in the remastered edition on xbox one , but your point still remains.:+1::+1:

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