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Well I’m still waiting to hear back from the company I applied to early this week. I know I shouldn’t get down so quickly since its only been three days but still. I’m just dying to get the hell out of this gas station job. I hate being a manager here, the pays too low for what in doing. At least at the other one, I’ll get a $3 raise plus wicked hours. And, the more I get certified, the more my pay will increase and more job opportunities later on. They give the same benefits too, so I’ve got nothing to lose. One of the guys that works there said they have a hard time finding people since they work so many hours. I hope it goes through.

What about you guys?

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I’m currently in Turkey for the week. It’s pretty hot outside. That is all.


How hot? Because in here it’s insanely hot. 34 degrees Celsius already.That’s why I hate summer around here.
Apart from that, I am studying databases and php. :smile:


Seriously, 34 degrees?! Where do you live? It’s only 24 degrees here (In the shade that is, in the sun it’s hotter)


Actually it’s 29 degrees but we feel it like 32-34 degrees because of the humidity. I live in Malta and we suffer alot from humidity since we’re a small island surrounded by water.


I’m always confused when you guys talk about it being 34 degrees and how hot it is. I’m from Massachusetts so, 34 to me is blistering cold. I have to take a step back that you guys are on Celsius.


Yep, we measure it in celsius and it’s considered a heatwave when it’s 32 or more.


Well, my plan is moving back to the UK in August. My girlfriend will accompany me for a month, until school starts for her.

We’ve been debating a lot about what should happen and this seems like the best idea, as she gets to experience what’s there with no pressure and it’ll be easier for me to get used to a different lifestyle again with her around for a while.

It was always hard for me before to concentrate on tasks because of depression from homesickness and being stressed out by having no one to talk to and not being able to take my mind off of looking for work and such.

I’m not worried about having a long distance relationship. We’ve liked each other for years while we were friends, but were afraid to make a move and now we’re finally together and everything is perfect. A nine months apart most will be hard, but i think we’ll get through it fine.

Also good that I’ll have some sort of goal now, that being having my own apartment and a good work position until she finishes school. I always felt a lack of motivation at work and life in general when I was just doing things for myself, or dating random chicks, drinking and videogames. That was alright for a while, but I just kind of feel over that.


Today I’m going in to sign the lease on my first car. I’m pretty scared, this is the largest long term investment I’ve ever made. This sort of ties in with need to get a call from that new job.

It’s a 2014 Ford Focus


I found that being in a long term relationship helped improve my motivation and focus. It’s still not what it could be, but once I got close to losing something like that I ended being far more proactive. After putting so much energy into this relationship - which essentially becomes an entity all to itself - you end up being pretty committed to keeping it. That might be in the form of keeping the relationship going over long distance or it might be on a more personal level of establishing financial security so you can sweat the small stuff.


I have just come home from my last exam. I’m so happy that I’m done with school for now! Summer vacation, here I come :smiley:


[quote=“Pissfloyd, post:11, topic:112, full:true”]
I have just come home from my last exam. I’m so happy that I’m done with school for now! Summer vacation, here I come[/quote]

Got my final exam on monday, and I can’t wait to have some vacation… You going to Roskilde this year, Pissfloyd?


Got my vacation yesterday with a satisfying result. To bad the weather sucks right now though… kind of typical, eh?


No unfortunately not. I can’t afford it since I’m travelling to Canada. Those plane tickets are pricey!


[quote=“JohnnyDrama, post:13, topic:112, full:true”]
Got my vacation yesterday with a satisfying result. To bad the weather sucks right now though… kind of typical, eh?[/quote]

I’d very much like to be able to control the weather.


Vacation in Canada @Pissfloyd? not bad.


Canada sounds awesome! I’d rather go travelling than going to Roskilde Festival once more. There’s always Roskilde next year.


Yup, it’s gonna be a cool trip :smiley: I’m staying in Vancouver. Anyone here knows what I should see/try when I’m there?


Got her yesterday, she’s a fine looking machine.

All in time for my weeks vacation from work.


Nice car man! Wish I could afford one. I once owned a small BMW and I loved it to death but I had sell it in the end.