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Oh man, be happy it didn’t go down in the toilet…


I dropped an e-reader once into the bucket, full of water :laughing: Nothing.


An e-reader and a bucket ; there’s probably a joke in there somewhere :grinning:


I had an iPhone 4 or maybe 3 that went into a hot tub for a few seconds. It sank to the bottom before I realised what happened. It came out and worked fine. I did let it dry out in a closed ziplock bag with some oatmeal in it for about a day. I have no idea if that helped or not but I didn’t have rice, and I grew impatient around 9pm the next day and gave it a try so it was only drying out for 18 or 19 hours.


Is this a thing? Won’t be the same without Europe and their perms. Surely Joey Tempest and co don’t still have them. Maybe they’ll get Sabaton instead.

Do you mean Europe the band? I don’t believe they were featured in Top Gun. Kenny Loggins x2, Harold Faltameyer, Berlin, Cheap Trick all were.

Yes it’s a thing. It was gonna release in June stateside, but :microbe: Covid pushes it back. Here’s the trailer. Val Kilmer is confirmed in the move but he’s absent from the trailer :thinking:

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could have sworn “Final Countdown” was something to do with that film

oh well . . .

Oh hey it’s Canada Day… eh? :maple_leaf:


What time is it in Canada? because if it is actually Canada Day for you then I have somethings I need to post.

It’s nearly 2AM right now.

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Happy Canada Day, my fellow insomniac. You got today off too?

Oh so I will celebrate it either before I go to bed or tomorrow.

I like it, it’s catchy :grin: do you do anything to celebrate Canadian Day?

Definitely not this year.

How come? Because of cor- oh God Sean, your profile picture hahaha :laughing:

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I have two possible unlocks left in HITMAN 2.

  • The Buccaneer
  • Arctic Sniper

If anyone has some good Sniper Assassin tips for the fastest way possible to grind the sniper it would be appreciated greatly.

One these two unlocks are completed I’ll be taking a prolonged hiatus from the series til HITMAN 3 is released in January.

Overall now I hope come HITMAN 3 I’ll be able to receive the Columbia Suit since it’s the only one I’ll be missing. Along with that I hope they fix Hokkaido’s ET Suit since it Symbol Texture is broken in HITMAN 3. With that being said I’m excited to hear what news will come out of IO in the coming months especially with how Progression Transfer being apparent. How will it work cross generation? That’s the question.

I went to Rivers Casino tonight. I was down a bit but then I hit the tie bet twice in a row on the baccarat table !!! :spades: :heart: 4th of July weekend is paid for!

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Mastery in sniper assassin is gained by the mission score.
To gain more mastery you should try to keep replaying the sniper mission and get SA for as many times as possible.Also,complete all the challenges.Getting SA will multiply the score by 2 and all the challenges by 3(you can look on Youtube to complete some).
Also,try to get a big base score.To do this you need to finish the mission as fast as you can,get only headshots,hide as many bodies as you can,get kill streaks and if possible moving kills.
Specific for the Siberia level,here are a few suggestions:
1.To kill Khabko faster and easier lower the flag once the mission starts.This way he’ll start to prepare for his release immediately and will give you good kill opportunities.
2.Starting a riot can be good to speed things up,espacially for making the warden move faster and can give you good kill opportunities.
3.There is a Siberian tiger that stays next to a prison guard in one of the buildings(not in a tower).The prison guard goes down,but only after a long time.If you don’t want to wait,you have 2 possibilities:
->Let that Siberian tiger be the last target and lure him down the stairs(this way his body won’t be found).
->Start the riot and spread it by opening more gates(I think 2 are enough) and these 2 guards will come and help the others.The Siberian tiger will go one way and the prison guard another way and you can hide the Siberian tiger in the rioting crowd.

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Nice! Just remember, everything in moderation :slight_smile:
Last time I went, I won a game of poker and was so paranoid that it was a fluke, that I cashed in and never returned :sweat_smile:


Why not? The nearest person is further away than the nearest bear, right? I don’t think bears can transmit the virus so no worries!